Sep 26, 2017 I Paul Seaburn

UFO Expert Sees Unidentified ‘Submerged’ Object

One of the more interesting stories to come out of the recent Devils Tower UFO Rendezvous conference in Wyoming was the discussion in a presentation by a UFO expert about his own encounter with, not an unidentified flying object, but an unidentified ‘submerged’ object. What did he see and why are so many concerned that the US military is involved in a coverup?

Marc D'Antonio is an astronomer, chief video analyst for MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), a film industry advisor and the CEO of FX Models, a model making and special effects company. That extensive background is why he’s invited to speak at many UFO conferences, including the recent one at Devils Tower and the upcoming International UFO Conference to be held in Arizona in February 2018. His speech and workshop topics at Devils Tower included MUFON Field Investigator Training, The Real Science of ET, UFOTOG II and a stargazing outing while wearing his astronomer hat. Those topics and activities make it seem strange that one of the media outlets covering the event, The Sun, chose to highlight one segment of one of the talks where D'Antonio discussed something he observed while looking down rather than up.

marc dantonio 3
Marc D'Antonio (photo from Devils Tower UFO Rendezvous)

According to the account in The Sun, D'Antonio remembered a trip on a US Navy submarine a number of years ago when the sonar operator suddenly began yelling “Fast mover! Fast mover!”

“The executive officer comes out and the operator shows him the path of the object and the officer says 'How fast is that going?' And the kid said 'several hundred knots'. I start to lean forward to listen in – and the officer said ‘Can you confirm it?’ So he goes to another sonar machine and confirmed it wasn’t a machine anomaly - it was real. I thought ‘Wow that is incredible’. When the sonar guy said ‘What do I do with this?’ the officer said ‘log it and dog it’ - in other words log it and bury it.”

The Sun reports that D'Antonio said he kept the information for four years before asking a “senior naval figure” about it.

“I asked him ‘Can you tell me about the Fast Mover Program'? He looked at me and said 'Sorry Marc I can’t talk about that program'. So he basically confirmed to me that the program exists - he said everything without seeing anything. What that told me was that USOs are common – we even have a program in place to classify and log and determine the speed of them and it goes into a vault.”

Unfortunately, there seem to be no other accounts of this particular portion of any of Marc D'Antonio’s presentations nor any statement by D'Antonio himself – his own report in Huffington Post of the conference focuses on the stunning beauty of the landscape of the Devils Tower area and the dark sky above it. How did he go from a sonar operator yelling the seeming vague exclamation “fast mover” to the existence of a ‘fast mover program’ (or progamme)? Was it a lucky guess or a calculated trick to ask a “senior naval figure” about such a program, whose existence the “official” allegedly did not deny.

640px Devils Tower CROP 640x427
Devils Tower

That doesn’t seem to be enough information to confirm the existence of a government secret program hiding reports of unidentified submerged objects, but it does highlight the benefits of non-governmental programs like UFOTOG II (UFO photography) where he’s working with sci-fi visual effects expert Douglas Trumbull to set up a state-of-the-art and extensive remote UFO detection system that will collect sightings in a database made available to the public to both encourage more people to scan the skies and help identify and learn from the sightings.

He probably wouldn’t object to scuba divers and private submarine captains doing the same thing.

Paul Seaburn

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