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UFOs Are Reportedly Spying on a Nudist Beach in Wales

Nudists, or naturists as they’re known in the U.K. (not to be confused with naturalist), just got one more reason to bare it all - as if they needed more. Apparently, some rather out-of-town guests have taken an interest in the strange activities of the naked humans strewn along the beach. According to several MUFON reports, there has been a recent surge in UFO activity occurring over Mofra Dyffryn, one of Wales’ most popular naturist beaches.

MUFON has declared the beach a 'place of interest for extra-terrestrial activity.'

A one-kilometer stretch of the beach in northwestern Wales was designated specifically for nudists/naturists after complaints from families. The area has since become a go-to destination for those who hate clothes across the U.K., but now it seems as if the beach is attracting a different sort of voyeur. Numerous reports of strange lights and other aerial objects flying or hovering above Mofra Dyffryn have been made in recent weeks.

That's the problem with glowing orbs in the sky - they could be anything.

Several eyewitness accounts describe the UFOs as glowing orbs appearing above the beach. One of the MUFON reports describes the objects as a set of fast-moving lights using descriptors familiar to any UFO-hunter:

It had glowing 5-6 rings and was slowly moving in a circle. from the side it had some lights. It was standing in mid air for between 5 to 10 seconds. I thought at the moment that it was probably some kind of plane or helicopter. Then it moved really fast and disappeared west and upwards.

Of course, drones and other UAVs taking off from a nearby airfield have been cited as a likely cause of the phenomena. It is 2017, after all. Drones are the new go-to explanation. Still, it could be that some rather shy voyeurs have found a way to stare at these naturists without getting too close. Given the proliferation of free internet pornography, however (or I’ve heard), who would go through such lengths? I guess Rule 34 applies to aliens, too.

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"Yeah... you know, on second thought I think I'll stick to the hotel pool today."

Brett Tingley

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