Oct 25, 2017 I Paul Seaburn

Ghostly Gin Cursed by Witch in Britain’s Most Haunted Town

If you’re looking for the perfect Halloween gift for the person who has everything (and is over 21), you can’t go wrong with a bottle of Evil Spirits Gin. Its main ingredients come from England’s most haunted town, each bottle is personally cursed by a real witch and the gin is green so you can get sick a second time as you watch it come back up.

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Evil Spirits Gin (moonpig.com)

The limited edition spirit of spirits was brewed over a two week period in September by Union Distillers using “an authentic and unique triple-chilling filter process.” During the distillation, the gin was infused with “possessed” apples and mint that were grown and picked in Pluckley, which was once listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as England’s most haunted village. (More on that later). To top it off, the alcohol was sprinkled with Devil’s Claw, an African plant popular with witches because of its shape and used by herbalists as a treatment for lower back pain. (Perhaps here it’s to ease the ache caused by spending hours bent over retching into a commode?)

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Devil's Claw (Harpagophytum procumbens)

After the 80-proof gin was bottled, each glass container was individually cursed during October’s full moon by Ms. Julianne White, a professional witch (and a screenwriter when not casting spells). Here’s how she describes the spell:

“(It) empowers the drinker to follow whatever their hearts desire – whether it is for good or evil.”

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Witch Julianne White casting her gin spell (Moonpig.com)

The cases of Evil Spirits Gin were then delivered to the Moonpig.com online store to be sold for Halloween parties until supplies run out.

Witch Julianne got help cursing Evil Spirits Gin from the ghosts of Pluckley – the 12 spirits haunting the town that put it in the Guinness Book of Records in 1989 (locals proudly put the total at 16). They include the ghosts of a screaming brickworker who fell to his death, a highwayman who was run through with a sword and pinned to a tree at Fright Corner and a schoolmaster hanged by his students.

The most famous Pluckley ghost would likely be a fan of Evil Spirits Gin. A pipe-smoking old woman who sat on a bridge drinking gin and selling watercress was burned to death when an ember from her pipe accidentally ignited her gin-soaked dress. The Watercress Woman is said to have haunted the bridge ever since.

With or without the witch, that’s enough paranormal power to permeate everything in town, says Helen Baird, who owns the Pluckley farm shop and supplied the locally-grown apples and mint.

apple 640x414
Evil Spirits Gin (moonpig.com)

“The ghosts here are legendary – you grow up knowing their stories and looking out for them around the village. With all the produce we sell at our farm shop grown within the village area, you could say that the spooky spirit runs through everything we eat and drink.”

If she’s a good businesswoman, she’s probably stocked up with a big supply of curse-breaking Evil Spirits Aspirin.

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