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Men are Chased Out of an Indian Village by a Female Ghost

Has India solved the sexual harassment problems that have been dominating the news in the U.S.? Maybe not across the whole country, but if the results in a small village in India are any indication, the solution starts with acquiring a female ghost that only attacks men, killing a few and driving the rest out of town until they behave properly towards women. If she’s for hire and is willing to relocate, this ghost could become the first banshee billionaire.

Empty village (YouTube capture)

“However, suddenly three people were killed in the 3 months period. It was also a concern in the villagers that two brothers of the same family died. In addition, some people say that a woman is in the throes and that the ghost strangles them, and they see it. This is going to happen. The devotees say that the devil is trying to kill their men and evacuate the village to protect the people.”

According to the Samayan Telugu news source, that’s a rough translation of the situation in the village of Kasiguda in the Nirmal district of Telangana state in southern central India. Before it became a ghost town in more ways than one, Kasiguda was the home of about 60 families who worked in stone cutting and rock crushing. Now, most houses are locked or vacant as all of the men and many of the women and children have fled for safer locations (assuming the ‘ghost’ can’t follow them) until something is done. Those who stay remain indoors at night and the only man left is described as a “60-year-old boy.”

The ‘ghost’ appears to be focusing her attention on one family as reports say either two or three men of the same household were strangled to death. “A woman is in the throes” indicates they probably believe a real live woman is the actual cause, possibly out of revenge or to protect herself and her family. Not wanting to believe that, the men likely prefer to say she’s acting as a witch and calling in the ghost. Times of India says interior villages of Telangana have long been believers in ghosts, but it’s unusual that so many residents of this one – especially men – have left out of fear of a female ghost.

Can this keep a ghost out?

The reports give no indication why the village nor the three murdered men nor the male residents in general have been targeted by this ghost. However, the mention of a “woman in the throes” and the fact that many female residents stayed behind suggests a mass hysteria of the male kind, possibly due to the rising power of women in a country with many goddesses and female leaders.

Could female ghosts drive men out of U.S. ‘villages’ like Hollywood, Washington and Wall Street? That depends on your definition of “ghost.”


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