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Mysterious Explosions Are Being Heard Around the World

Mystery booms seem to be occurring with increasing frequency lately, with booms being heard just this week in North Carolina and Michigan. In both cases, authorities have been left baffled by what might be behind these earth-shaking noises which seem to emanate from the sky itself. This unexplained phenomenon is host to a wide variety of explanations including gas escaping vents deep within the Earth, anomalous meteorological events, sonic booms from tests of secret military aircraft, UFOs of course, and meteorites exploding in the atmosphere. While most of these eerie thunderous noises go unexplained, a recent mystery boom in Australia might have a simple, cosmic - and terrifying - explanation.

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Death from above.

The boom was heard by residents throughout the Cairns region of Queensland, Australia marking the second time in two months that southern Australia has been rocked by anomalous explosions in the sky. The boom occurred around 10:30 pm on Saturday, October 7th and was reportedly so loud that it shook houses in the area. Without an official explanation being offered from authorities, the Cairns Post took to Facebook to ask readers if any readers might know anything about the source of the boom:

Who heard the 'explosion' last night? People all over #Cairns have reported hearing a whopping great big bang about 10.30pm but its source is still a bit of a mystery. Ergon has confirmed they had no issues in Cairns overnight and the police, firies and ambos are in the dark as well. Can you help us get to the bottom of it?

One Cairns man might be able to. John Romanov allegedly went out exploring for the source of the boom, and just so happened to come across a smoldering crater in some woods near Edge Hill State School. Romanov sent the Cairns Post a video of the “crater,” which appears to be filled with ashes without any sign of a meteorite whatsoever. Could this explain the mystery boom, or has this guy merely found someone’s illegal trash burning pit?

Screen Shot 2017 10 10 at 11 25 38 AM e1507651148905 640x363
I know a burning hole of garbage when I see it.

Let's just say this hole could be a meteorite crater - could the other booms heard around the world be explained by meteorites? A large asteroid is scheduled to pass very close to Earth this week; could these meteorites be related? Or is something else causing these booms? As always, these will likely go unexplained.

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