Oct 24, 2017 I Brett Tingley

Mysterious Livestock Mutilations Shock Western Australian Farmers

Out of all the recurring unexplained phenomena, cattle mutilations rank up there as one of the most disgusting. For decades, maybe even centuries, farmers and law enforcement alike have been baffled by scores of instances where livestock have been found horribly mutilated, often in unexplained ways. Sometimes the unfortunate animals are drained of their blood entirely or found with wounds which cannot be explained by conventional surgical instruments or weapons, while in other instances the animals are found to have had organs removed with the utmost levels of precision. Strangely, the FBI and other governmental bodies tend to sweep these accounts under the proverbial rug despite the fact that many livestock mutilation experts believe there are some sort of clandestine, paranormal, or extraterrestrial forces at play.

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Many livestock mutilation cases remain unexplained.

Whatever the cause is, animal mutilations have been occurring regularly throughout 2017. The latest suspicious livestock mutilation comes from Gnowangerup, Western Australia. Sheep farmer Kevin Wise was baffled when his daughter Chantelle sent him pictures of three horribly mutilated sheep corpses on their property.

sheep mutilate
Poor sheep.

As soon as he saw the photos, Wise told the Sydney Morning Herald, he knew this was no normal case:

I could see the lamb had been slaughtered, not killed by foxes or dogs. They left the carcass minus the meat, skinned it, took the head and legs off and left the rest.

While local police suspect poachers or thieves are behind the mutilations, it’s odd that whoever did this would butcher the animals in the field rather than simply stealing them and butchering them later. Butchering an animal this way would take around an hour, yet the owners of the farm haven’t seen anyone suspicious prowling around at night with an armful of bloody lamb meat and limbs. Furthermore, while reports state that the animals were shot, how is it that nobody heard the gunshots?

Depositphotos 18800281 l 2015 640x485
"I'll never tell. Mostly because my tongue and vocal folds were removed."

A few months back, horrifically mutilated sheep carcasses were discovered on a New Zealand golf course. Could these cases be related? Are some unknown dark forces perfecting their ritual sacrifice techniques, or is something much higher on the strangeness scale happening here?

Brett Tingley

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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