Oct 27, 2017 I Paul Seaburn

Psychic Uri Geller Claims He Probed JFK Assassination for CIA

While the world awaited the release of classified documents on President John F. Kennedy’s assassination, Uri Geller already knew what was in them because … he’s Uri Geller! But wait, there’s more! The well-known “psychic” just revealed that the documents may show that he was hired by the Central Intelligence Agency to investigate Lee Harvey Oswald’s activities in Mexico. Wait, what?

“I was already in Mexico City at the time. … Besides other assignments I had in Mexico City, for the CIA, which is well documented in my biographies and autobiographies, a CIA agent in Mexico City tasked me among other assignments, with investigating whether Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone or had accomplices — including the backing of sub-national organisations such as the Mafia or international organisations such as the Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti translated into English as Committee for State Security (KGB)."

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Uri Geller (Evening Standard)

Geller posted this and more on Facebook and then talked about it in an interview on Good Morning Britain. It’s already been revealed in previous declassified documents that Geller’s alleged psychic abilities were tested by the CIA in 1973. The organization must have been impressed because Geller claims he was asked to see what he could find out about Oswald’s visit to the Russian embassy in Mexico City in an attempt to also visit Cuba. Geller says what he found out stunned him.

“I wonder if I will also feature in the JFK files about to be released, as I did in the released CIA documents in January — or whether my involvement will be redacted, or totally left out because of the information I delivered to the agent in Mexico City. If this is the case, sadly I will never be able to reveal what I discovered because it is quite shocking."

Lee Harvey Oswald

Well, that answers the question you were about to ask. Geller claims he did reveal what he found out to the president’s widow.

“I also met Jackie Kennedy at her apartment in New York. She had some involvement with the book URI that was written about me by Andrija Puharich, who had links to the CIA. I relayed these findings to her since she was absolutely determined to discover the truth.”

So are we, which is why Geller toying with us like one of his famous spoons is so frustrating. What did the bender know and when did he know it?

Paul Seaburn

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