Nov 07, 2017 I Paul Seaburn

Bizarre Booms are Back in San Diego and New Jersey

The big, bizarre booms are back in New Jersey after barely a week of respite, while residents of San Diego County in California are wondering how many more times this year they’re going to have to put up with mysterious ground-shaking explosions that no one in positions of authority can seem to explain. It’s tough to point fingers when they’re plugging your ears but let’s see who the culprits might be. (Don’t start shouting “Aliens!” … yet.)

According to the local site, residents of Bridgewater in Somerset County, New Jersey, reported hearing a loud boom on the night of November 1st at around 8:30. The Bridgewater Police reportedly received numerous calls but no cause was immediately determined. However, resident Philip Vicari checked his home video surveillance camera and found a recording of a flash of light right before the boom. As of this writing, no official explanation has been given.

That’s disconcerting for New Jersey residents who are still waiting for an explanation for a mysterious boom on October 24th at about 10:30 am in Wildwood on the far southeastern coast. The U.S. Geological Survey reported no seismic activity at the time and the military gave no indication that it was responsible or knew the cause.

Kinemetrics seismograph 640x480
Why don't these booms show up on seismographs?

The latest Jersey boom was followed a day later by another mysterious morning explosion in San Diego County. Again reported by (the up-and-coming go-to news source for all things boomish), the November 2nd blast was heard across the densely populated California county with the majority of the reports coming from the eastern and southern portions. Eyewitnesses compared the sound to someone walking on the roof but were more concerned about the shaking, which ranged in intensity from a semi-truck passing to an earthquake.

Because of the volume of military and naval facilities in the area, they generally have the right of first denial for mysterious sounds, and this was no exception – a Camp Pendleton spokesperson said no mortar training operations took place at that time. While the boom and the shaking were reported throughout the county, police departments didn’t feel anything and the U.S. Geological Survey felt nothing either. Meteorologists say a weather condition involving the meeting of warm and cold air masses could have actually picked up the sound from another county, but that hasn't been confirmed.

San Diego Country was hit by other unexplained booms in January and April of 2017. How can so many people report these mysterious loud and earth-shaking sounds while government, police and military officials deny them and shrug their shoulders when asked for a cause? It’s not even fun to yell “Aliens!” anymore because these occurrences are happening more frequently … and so are the denials all around.

Would it help if we started yelling “Politicians!”?

Paul Seaburn
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