Nov 18, 2017 I Paul Seaburn

Head Transplant Doc Successfully Tests Procedure With Corpse

"The first human transplant on human cadavers has been done. A full head swap between brain dead organ donors is the next stage. And that is the final step for the formal head transplant for a medical condition which is imminent.”

With that announcement today at a news conference in Vienna and reported in The Telegraph and USA Today, Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero claims he is ready to do what he’s been promising for years – transplant the head of a living human onto the body of a brain-dead donor. This is just months after he claimed success with rats, even though the new-headed rodents died within a month, which experts said was too little time for nerves to successfully grow back together. Also, there was some question whether the spinal cords were completely severed to begin with.

Dr. Canavero obviously learned his lessons from that experiment and performed his next operation using corpses that couldn’t die again and cast doubts on his results. He claimed the 18-hour ‘rehearsal’ ended with one cadaver body getting a new head and having its spinal cord and blood vessels connected. By ‘connected’ he means glued together with his special technique of using a solution containing polyethylene glycol, a plastic with binding properties.

Head of Saint John the Baptist by an anonymous Spanish painter c  1600 1650 Cleveland Museum of Art 640x413
It's too late for John the Baptist

Of course, there was no electrical jolt applied to start the heart and see if the plumbing had any leaks, so this connection was a ‘success’ only in the loosest of terms. A better test will be the next step involving transplanting a brain-dead head on the body of another brain-dead human. Gruesome? Yes. Proof of success? A little closer. Unethical? Canavero and his team perform these operations in China, where ethical standards are apparently lower than in the U.S. or Europe.

"Chinese President Xi Jinping wants to restore China to greatness. He wants to make it the sole superpower in the world. I believe he is doing it."

That depends on your definition of “greatness.” One thing the Chinese government definitely has is money – Canavero says the final procedure will cost $100 million for the team of specialized doctors, hospital facilities for the 24-hour operation, post-op care for the recipient and a percentage for the lawyers.

Canavero claims he has head and body donors lined up and will announce dates for the next procedures within days. Oh, and he doesn’t like all of the jokes about him, head transplants and you-know-who.

“This is a medical condition for people who are suffering awfully so it isn't a joke. Given the amount of mean criticism we received I don't think we should go international. For instance, if you still stick to the Frankenstein schtick, which doesn't make sense, then no.”

He’d better develop a thicker skin. Maybe a coating of some of that polyethylene glycol will help.

Paul Seaburn

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