Dec 07, 2017 I Paul Seaburn

“Love & Saucers” – One Man’s ET Love Story is Ready for Release

How far would you travel for love? To another city? Another country? Another continent? How about to another galaxy? At the age of 17, a now-septuagenarian named David Huggins claimed he somehow charmed an extraterrestrial named Crescent who was visiting Earth and lost his virginity to her. He says their lovemaking resulted in around 60 hybrid children and Huggins eventually told anyone and everyone – believers or not – about his love through his loving paintings of Crescent and himself. Now the world is about to learn more about this intergalactic love story as the long-awaited documentary, Love & Saucers, is released for streaming on December 12th.

Without giving too much of the tale away, Love & Saucers is the story of David Huggins’ encounters with aliens, starting with the first in 1951 at age eight in Georgia, the first romantic embrace with Crescent at age 17, which led to trips to her spaceship for sex, and his life with her and the rest of these Earth visitors. Crescent and her fellow ETs cared for their hybrid children and forbade Huggins from telling anything about them to anyone. That changed in his late 40s and he reveals that the most therapeutic and loving way he could tell this story is through paintings. His unusual and often NSFW art has been displayed in galleries and published in a book.

That may have been the end of Huggins’ truly out-of-this-world tale if he hadn’t been heard on a radio interview in 2014 by Brad Abrahams. If that name sounds familiar, it may be because director Abrahams and his partner, producer Matt Ralston, recently started a crowdfunding campaign for Cryptozoologist, a documentary about the dedicated people who look for humanoids, monsters and other cryptid creatures. The pair has been interviewing and filming Huggins off-and-on since they met him and became convinced that he was serious and his story was worthy of a broader audience.

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David Huggins

To illustrate thist, the filmmakers spent time in Hoboken, New Jersey, interviewing Huggins’ co-workers, neighbors, others who have had alien encounters, and his son. No, not one of the hybrids, but the human offspring of his human marriage to a human woman named Janice (they're now divorced). Was there a love or hate triangle between the humans and the alien? You’ll have to see the documentary to find out.

The trailer for Love & Saucers shows a man who is sincere in telling his story and an artist who appears to love both the paintings and his subjects. He seems to be making one last attempt to convince the world that his encounters were real and not hallucinations, that his love was real and not fiction, and that his paintings are selfies, not CGI phonies. That’s a credit to both Huggins and the documentary team.

Love & Saucers will be released digitally on 12.12.

(Photos from the Love & Saucers Facebook page)

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