Dec 16, 2017 I Brent Swancer

Secret Labs and Strange Things in the Desert: My Truly Bizarre Email Exchange

Writing about the strange and the paranormal as I do, I am sometimes contacted by people with their own weird tales or ideas to tell. Very often these are quite insightful, a lot of times they are also eyebrow raising, almost always at the very least intriguing, and sometimes downright insane, but I mostly value them for their potential information and the amusement I get from some of them. Every once and awhile I will come across a mail from someone that stands out, not necessarily because it is especially believable or credible, but because of the sheer strangeness of it all, and this is certainly the case with a person who contacted me with information about a seemingly paranormal event in my life that was very personal for me, and who had a story to tell that was so incredibly surreal and off-the-wall that I could not resist replying to find out more. So began a truly bizarre exchange that lasted several months until the communication abruptly and mysteriously stopped. I don’t present this anonymous contact’s account here because I necessarily believe it. Indeed, it is eye brow raising and improbable at the very least. However, it is just detailed and completely bonkers enough for me to want to share it here and hopefully get some other opinions on it.

Some of you reading this may be aware of an article I wrote some time ago on my own personal experiences with the unexplained. One of these was particularly harrowing, and involved some sort of entities or beings I encountered out in the deserts of Nevada and who seemed to be malevolent, to say the least, which you can read about here. Upon publishing my article on this matter I received many comments and personal emails helpfully trying to give me support and assist me in figuring out just what it was that I experienced or encountered out in those badlands, as I did not, and still do not know. It was suggested that these creatures could have been vampires, Black Eyed Kids, aliens, or Skinwalkers, which are shapeshifting entities from Native American lore and which I made into a follow-up article as it related to my experience.

I was even contacted by someone who pointed out that there was a whole spate of mysterious disappearances and deaths in the same area at around the same time as my own encounter, suggesting that the things I saw could have been connected in some unknown way. This was incredibly interesting for me, as I had never heard about these particular unsolved crimes and vanishings before, and upon looking into it I found that it was true and I wrote a sort of follow-up article on that as well.

Most of all of these comments and mails were at the very least offering intriguing information, for better or worse, and ultimately thought-provoking and eye opening enough for me to make them into articles in and of themselves. Most of it was very useful information and insights into phenomena I had had little to no previous deep knowledge of, or which I had not at first related to my own experience. Other mails were a little more off the rails, and I sort of just shrugged my shoulders at these. Then I had one out of the blue from a mysterious individual who claimed to have profound insider information on exactly what I had seen, and it managed to hook me in. I could not resist sending out an inquisitive reply, and what followed was one of the weirder exchanges I’ve ever had.

This person first contacted me not long after my article went out, with a blunt email simply stating that he had read my article and that he had information that I would be interested in. It was very enigmatic and alluring, and like I said, I bit and sent an exploratory reply back asking just what he thought it was he had and who he was. It was right off the bat very secretive and mysterious, with the contact refusing to give me any personal information at all, because he “couldn’t trust anyone,” and calling himself only "Molten13," a name which I still cannot tell if it has any significance or not. What Molten13 did tell me was that he was a man, and that he had detailed knowledge about the creatures I had seen out there in the desert and where they came from. Indeed, he was able to give quite a lot of precise details about the dates involved, the location, and the terrain, and some of the questions he asked me about the behavior of the things I had seen seemed fairly accurate. It wasn’t anything really revelatory so far, things he could have picked up from my articles and extrapolated from, but my interest was definitely piqued. The real bizarreness came when he explained what he claimed was really going on.

There is no real easy way to ease into this strangeness, so I will just jump right in. This Molten13, as he called himself, claimed that there were top-secret facilities buried deep under the desert in various locations throughout Nevada and New Mexico, and when I quizzically and quite skeptically asked him how he knew all of this he claimed that he had been formerly employed at one, at around the time of my experience in fact, although in what exact capacity he would not say. These facilities apparently existed under Area 51 (of course, I thought), as well as another lying directly under the area where I had been at the time, near Winnemucca, Nevada, among other scattered locations. According to Molten13, these facilities served various purposes down there ensconced within the earth, but one of the main aims was supposedly experimental research on things that the world was deemed not ready for, including projects looking into alien technology, time travel, teleportation, mental powers, and of course human and animal experimentation of all types. Molten 13 would say:

These bases are state-of-the art, fully self-sustaining and for the most part so secretive that even many of the higher up members of government don’t know even about them. We didn’t commute there, we lived there, and mostly didn’t see the light of day for long stretches. Too long. I wasn’t a researcher, and we didn’t see much of those guys, and in fact they pretty much kept us grunt in the dark about things, but we heard they did all kinds of crazy stuff down there, and even though each unit was kept separate we heard rumors. Stuff like teleporting, ESP, even time travel stuff. Real science fiction type stuff. One guy even said he seen a little alien body, like a little green man or something kept down there in a full biocontainment pod or something. Then they had animal mutants, human clones too. Guys that could walk through walls. Other stuff I can’t quite explain.

This was all pretty far-out, and it was also all very vague, but further questions to Molten13 convinced me that he was either lying and hadn’t thought his story through all the way, or that he was just as he said; kept in the dark, and that he really didn’t know. Teleportation? ESP? Experiments and clones? Guys who could walk through walls, for crying out loud? What was he talking about? None of it made any sense, and in many ways still doesn’t, but this seemed too weird to just let it go, so I went along with it to try and find out just how deep this rabbit hole went.

I tried to ask the contact for more information or details about what exactly he allegedly did at this facility or what these experiments entailed, and he was very evasive on the matter, always with the excuse that it was for our own protection or that he didn't know, and the only thing he made very clear about his role to play in all of this was that he was not a scientist or researcher of any sort there. I sort of speculated that he may have been some sort of security personnel (if this isn’t all bunk, of course), but I honestly have no idea. If what he was saying was true then I only know that he lived there and that he was in a position to hear whispers about what was going on in these sinister, highly secretive facilities, and I would later learn that he had been armed. At one point I flat out asked if he had been in security, and he cryptically replied, “something like that,” but that was just about all of the illumination he provided on his actual job or position there.

As weird and as far-fetched as all of this sounded, I was still inexplicably and inexorably drawn to this, perhaps for its perverse entertainment value, perhaps because it had a direct connection to a personal experience which I had wrestled with long and hard before deciding to share it with anyone who would listen. That, I think, was one thing that kept my interest, and which elevated it above just some crackpot story from some weirdo. So how did it connect to my story? Well for one Molten13 claims to have worked at the particular facility that was entombed deep down right below the same area where I had had my terrifying experience, and for another he claimed that he had been working there at around the same time I had my encounter. It was at this time that he claims there was some “incident” at the facility, which he was certain was related to what I had seen, saying thus:

One evening the whole place went into total lockdown. I remember the researchers and others were all real upset about something. Alarms were going off, they had us scrambling, guys running around with full Hazmat suits on, the works, but nobody told us anything. They told us to shoot on sight, but we had no idea of what we were supposed to be shooting at. It was crazy. I tried to find out what was going on in the chaos and could only manage to get that “they” had gotten out, some of the experiments I guess. I don’t know. Whatever it was, they were scared.

After this surreal incident, he claims that suddenly everything went back to normal as quickly as it had started, that there was no further elaboration on what happened, and that he had been bluntly told to forget about the whole thing. I asked for more information on what kind of experiments he was talking about, and he answered in his typical vague fashion. It was never really clear to me if these were supposed to human experiment subjects, aliens, or something else entirely, although to be fair it seemed that Molten13 simply didn’t know himself. All he knew was that this happened at around precisely the same time as I had had my frightening experience, and he said:

All this weird stuff going on at that time, out there in the same area as this big ass government facility in the middle of nowhere, and then this security breach? Right around when that happened to you and in the very same area, maybe even right under your feet at the same time? It is just too much to be coincidence. I don’t know what you saw out there, but I am pretty sure whatever it was came from that facility. I guarantee it.

We talked a bit more about this outlandish idea. I asked him why those beings had asked me to open my door for them if they were some sort of super powered creatures from a lab, and he supposed that it was a security measure subliminally encoded into them to keep them from turning on their handlers while they were being held captive, he’d heard of things like that there, which I hadn’t really thought of but sounds kind of a neat explanation for that particularly odd detail of my incident which has always bothered me. I asked about the truck with the spotlight and he told me that the bases had trucks like that above ground to go out looking for trespassers, and the things probably had simply stolen one. I asked why they hadn’t chased me and he figured that they were probably more interested in getting away from that place than chasing me down, and had probably only bothered me at all in an effort to try and steal my car, one that would be less conspicuous than a stolen truck from the base. It was amazing how he seemed to have an answer for everything, that in a weird way kind of made sense by his own odd story’s internal logic.

We kept sporadic correspondence for a while after that, during which time I asked him about why he had left the facility and why he felt he could open up to me about this information he was claiming to have. According to him he had been stationed at the subterranean base down there in the bowels of the earth for a full year before he was discharged, as the staff was changed regularly, and had been told that he would severe face action if he ever discussed the location or what went on there in any way. So of course I asked him why had he? Why had he broken his pact of secrecy to tell me, of all people? His only answer to that was that he had read my article and been compelled to tell me, and that so many years had passed that he felt he could get away with anonymously doing so. Besides, he told me, “Nobody would ever believe it anyway. That’s what they are counting on.”

In a way I suppose he’s right. I can’t say I particularly believe this whole ridiculous tale either. A big part of me wants to call BS on this yarn, and write it off as someone just yanking my chain. It’s all just so fantastical, insane, and it seems that this guy absolutely has to be a loon. Yet, there is a tiny splinter in the back of my mind twisting around that forces me to wonder if it is the right thing to do to completely blow this account off wholesale and ignore it. Part of me wonders if there is any chance at all that there is something, anything,  to this story, or who the mysterious Molten13 really is. It is most likely a bunch of hot air, probably just some kook, but what if it’s not? At the moment I don’t put much stock in this account, to be honest, but for what it’s worth I have decided to share it here to see what anyone thinks. If anything it is just one more weird story to add to the pile. Is there anything to this guy or is this just a nutcase messing around?

Eventually Molten13 just stopped our correspondence without explanation or elaboration. He just stopped, dropped off the face of the earth, and I have no idea where he went. What happened to him? Was he silenced? Did he have second thoughts about coming forward with this information? Was he a hoaxer who just got bored of his little game and is off having a chuckle somewhere? Who knows? The only thing I know for certain is that this has to be the oddest claim anyone has come to me with concerning my experience, and that I am still no closer to understanding what happened or what I encountered out there than I was on that desolate highway all those years ago.

Brent Swancer

Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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