Dec 11, 2017 I Paul Seaburn

Woman Gives Up on Men — Prefers Sex With Ghosts

One woman in England has seen her future with men and the new guy of her dreams is … a ghost! And not just one … this spiritual guide claims she’s had sex with over 20 spirits who have satisfied her the way men never could. What’s their secret? Does this medium prefer a large?

“I had sex with the ghost. You can feel it, it’s difficult to explain. There was a weight and a weightlessness, a physical breath, and stroking, and the energy as well.”

Amethyst Realm, a so-called spiritual guidance counselor from Bristol, England, came out this week about her ghost encounters of the bed kind in an appearance on the ITV show, This Morning, where she revealed that she was initially hit on by a ghost 12 years ago when she was already engaged to a flesh-and-blood guy. They had just moved into a new house and her fiancé was away. After the initial shock of feeling the ghost’s presence, it was love at first fright.

“It started as an energy, then became physical. There was pressure on my thighs and breath on my neck. I just always felt safe. I had sex with the ghost. You can feel it. It’s difficult to explain. There was a weight and a weightlessness, a physical breath and stroking, and the energy as well.”

Oh my. It’s a good thing she’s a “spiritual guidance counselor” and not a politician or a Hollywood actor. With that kind of behavior, perhaps the spirit was a ghost of one. She doesn’t say, but she does disclose that the ghost was visible … because she eventually married her husband and he came home early one day to see them in the act. That was the end of their marriage and the beginning of her sleeping exclusively on the dark side of the bed.

But not exclusively with one ghost. Realm’s psychic cell phone is filled with at least 20 numbers (or whatever means she uses to set up haunted hook-ups), and she says she’s looking for more shadowing sex partners … including a Mister Right Fright who she can have a ghostly baby with.

“I’ve done a bit of research into phantom pregnancies. There’s a possibility that it is a ghost in you, but people don’t know how to carry it to full term.”

Is this the future of relationships? Is there anything a human male can do to woo Amethyst Realm? One way might be to find out why she’s so stressed out. This sounds like classic case of hallucinations induced by sleep paralysis, and a new study in Sleep Medicine Reviews found that stress is a leading cause of this condition, which psychologists believe is a leading cause of visions of ghosts, monsters, demons and even extraterrestrials and alien abductions.

Should Amethyst Realm attempt to find the cause of the stress that may be sending her to seek sex with spirits? Why? She admits that whatever it is she’s experiencing has led to orgasms. It’s not a problem in her workplace … she’s a medium!

Perhaps the best approach here is to let sleeping ghosts lie.

Paul Seaburn

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