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Video Shows Mysterious ‘Birdman of Loughcrew’ Statue Found on Irish Fairy Trail

Construction crews working near the Stone Age archaeological site at Loughcrew in County Meade Ireland have reportedly unearthed a bizarre statue of unknown origin. A Facebook user named David Grimes posted a video of the find on January 9. In the video, several men are seen excavating the statue using their hands as they wonder aloud what it might be.

Screen Shot 2018 01 12 at 2 07 52 PM e1515788977781 640x381
The statue being excavated.

The men were working on an undisclosed construction project near a site of Megalithic burial mounds and a 17th century church established by Saint Oliver Plunkett. The video shows the statue to be roughly human sized and made of stone. Even more intriguing, the statue appears to depict a mysterious humanoid creature with a long beak on its face. The statue has been dubbed the “Birdman of Loughcrew.”

Screen Shot 2018 01 12 at 2 08 01 PM e1515788999470 640x399
Birdman? Maybe. I see more of The Great Gonzo.

According to the video’s original poster, the Irish Department of the Environment has seized control of the site:

The lads from the department of the environment are down there now excavating it, they've a big tent over it and lights, they went clean mad at us when they arrived and said we should have left it alone, we probably should have but sure we got so caught it up in uncovering it and got on to the land owner then, we weren’t even sure who to call. They have those druid passage graves down there that are thousands of years old, and the lads that arrived on site were talking about the megalithic cairns and motte and bailey stuff they have all discovered down there before, but they’ve never found anything like this.

However, Irish news outlet TheJournal.ie reports that the Irish Heritage Department has not been contacted in relation to the find and has issued a somewhat skeptical statement in response to the video:

While this video is certainly intriguing and very entertaining, the archaeologists of The National Monuments Service of the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht have not been contacted and have no intention of investigating the ‘find.’

The statue does not appear related to any known archaeological artifacts from Irish history. Nearby newspaper The Meath Chronicle attempted to find some answers to this mystery, and found the site off limits to reporters and the hole where the statue was found to be already filled in. Is this merely a hoax for publicity, or has something unknown been unearthed in the grounds near an already rich archaeological site? If so, why such secrecy? Until more information is unearthed, this one remains a bizarre mystery.

Screen Shot 2018 01 12 at 2 08 15 PM e1515789058756 640x340
How would that nose not have broken off over time?

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