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Records of Infamous Silpho Moor UFO Crash Found in Museum Archives

In November 1957, three men witnessed a red light falling from the skies above Silpho Moor in northern England near Royal Air Force Fylingdales. The men got out of their car to investigate after their car mysteriously stopped and discovered a strange object lying on the ground. The object was roughly eighteen inches across, saucer-shaped, and quite heavy for its size. The object changed hands a few times, and was allegedly opened at some point, at which a rolled ‘booklet’ of copper sheets embossed with unidentifiable hieroglyphs or symbols was found.

The object, top, and the 'booklet' of hieroglyphs.

What followed became one of the strangest UFO mysteries in England, described in detail here by Mysterious Universe’s Nick Redfern. Like many supposed UFO artifacts, the Silpho Moor object was eventually lost to history, it’s whereabouts unknown for the last six decades. However, a London museum is now reporting the discovery of archival documents which detail how the objects were studied in the years following their discovery. According to the Yorkshire Post, documents found in the archives of London Science Museum seem to suggest that pieces of the Silpho Moor object were sent to the museum in 1963 for expert analysis.

silpho 3 640x407
Yorkshire Post headline from 1957

The documents state that the artifacts sent to the museum included a section of the metal plastic outer casing, a short length of copper tubing, and several shards of foil from the “booklet” found inside. The artifacts were studied by the Natural History Museum Gordon Claringbull, described as a meteorites and explosives expert. The documents state that analyses of the objects revealed they were likely of Earthly origin, and many of the museum staff who examined them believed them to be an elaborate hoax. Still, others like Air Chief Marshal Lord Dowding who led the RAF forces at the Battle of Britain in WWII claimed to have personally examined the object and believed it to be of extraterrestrial origin.

silpho 4 640x459
Bomb squad technicians examining the object.

Despite the divided opinions in the documents, some ufologists believe these archival rechods vindicate claims that the Silpho Moor object could be the UK’s most significant UFO incident. Author and paranormal researcher Andy Roberts called the discovery of these documents “an amazing breakthrough,” claiming “it’s incredible to hear that all this time pieces of this mystery object have been sitting in a museum archive.” Sure, I guess. While these documents add some credibility to the story in general, they still don’t definitively explain what the Silpho Moor object could have been, where the object was for those six missing years, or what has happened to it ever since. What exactly fell on the moors in late 1957? Debris from a Russian satellite? New technology being tested at the nearby RAF base? Or a genuine alien artifact?

Brett Tingley

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