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Russian Police Call Priests to Exorcise Violent Poltergeist

Police in Siberia apparently had an encounter with the paranormal this week. According to Russian news site, police were dispatched to a local resident’s home after a bizarre and confusing call came in. The callers reported a violent, chaotic scene with furniture and belongings strewn about the house, including a knife stuck in a kitchen wall. Police arrived likely expecting to find a typical vodka-soaked domestic dispute but instead reportedly found something altogether more terrifying: a poltergeist. “There was no rational explanation to be found of the specified events,” the police report is said to have read. Is this a case of a vengeful spirit come back to blow off some steam, or is a Russian family trying to keep their domestic strife under wraps?

Why is it always Siberia?

Why is it always Siberia?

The Moscow Times has reported that with no other options in the face of such a disturbing and unexplained scene, Russian police then summoned a priest to the house to try and exorcise whatever might be wreaking havoc inside. A spokesperson for the Kolpashevskaya diocese told that while the initial visit didn’t go so far as an exorcism, the church is now paying close attention to the family in case further holy services are needed:

Upon the arrival of the priest, the so-called “poltergeist” subsided a little, but then these phenomena continued again. We, on our part, decided to supervise this family and make every effort to ensure that there is no such one in this house. The family was recommended to come to the temple for a talk.

A police report is one thing, but photographic evidence is another. Of course, so-called “poltergeist” videos aren’t that difficult to hoax. With such little reporting on the case, this one will likely end up an enigma. Of course, don’t nearly all reports of ghosts and hauntings?