Accounts of UFO encounters are inherently bizarre, and seem to cover a wide array of disparate unexplained phenomena associated with them. One very odd occurrence that seems to hang over some cases is instances of alleged teleportation of witnesses, sometimes individually and sometimes more than one person, as well as objects and even whole vehicles and their occupants. With regards to UFOs this is sometimes referred to as “teletransportation,” and it can happen instantaneously or over the course of minutes or even hours, all ending with the common factor of UFO witnesses being in one place one moment, and in another the next, often very far away from where they started and without any idea of how they have covered the distance, nor any memory of what has happened. It all sounds rather outlandish, and it is, but there are numerous reports of this happening, and it seems to be a recurring unusual characteristic in an already unusual field.

In September of 1979, the Richmond Virginia Times-Dispatch reported on the strange case of truck driver Harry Turner, who was driving to Fredericksburg from Winchester, Virginia, in the United States, when his car was without warning enveloped by a blindingly bright light, which he at first had taken to be the headlights of an incoming truck. His truck was then surrounded by a “palpably thick white light,” and he noticed that the steering wheel had taken on a life of its own, no longer under his control. Turner then found that his truck was actually floating over the landscape, and before he could adjust to this precarious new predicament he claims that the door was suddenly ripped open by an unknown invisible entity, as another seemed to scramble about on the roof of the vehicle. It was then that the creature at his door reached in to grab him in an iron grip.

Fortunately for Turner, he had been carrying with him a revolver, which he instinctively drew and fired wildly at where he perceived the mysterious unseen being to be, but this seemed to have little effect. That was when he says he blacked out completely, and the next thing he remembers is being in a warehouse parking lot in Fredericksburg, far from where he had last been. In his hand he still gripped the pistol, and there were spent shells littering the vehicle all about him. Bizarrely, it was 3 AM in the morning according to the warehouse clock, whereas his own watch read 11:17 PM, and as far as his truck’s odometer was concerned he had only traveled 17 miles, when the trip to Fredericksburg should have been more like 80.

Although his memory was hazy at first, Turner would later recount how he had been taken aboard a craft and encountered strange beings “dressed in white, like doctors, with white caps on their head,” which he believed to be “ultra-terrestrials,” more or less inter-dimensional beings. In later days he would report more oddities, such as being confronted by a band of six of the strange creatures, five of which he reportedly knocked to the ground in his fight against them. On another occasion, he says that he suddenly became soaking wet for no discernible reason at all. In the meantime, animals seemed to be uncomfortable around him, and he often had a ringing in his ears and suicidal thoughts. On one occasion he says that one of the creatures appeared there in his car with him as he drove along, which freaked him out and sent him into a mad dash that would culminate in him being pulled over and charged with two counts of reckless driving and two counts of failing to heed a siren and flashing lights. The alien was gone at this point. Turner has said of his thoughts on the matter thus:

Ever since it all began, I’ve just been sitting here going over and over it in my mind, trying to piece things back together. I’d feel pretty good if I could just figure out where I’ve been. Twenty years from now I’ll still probably never know what happened that night.

Also from 1978 is a perplexing case from the South American country of Chile, which involved two race car drivers named Miguel Angel Moya and Carlos Acevedo, during the first Rally de la Vuelta de America del Sur in September of that year, and which was printed by researcher Guillermo Roncorconi in UFO Press No. 9, October 1978. The drivers departed from the city of Buenos Aires on August 17, 1978, embarking on the first leg of their exhausting month-long rally, which would take them thousands of kilometers to Caracas Venezuela and back to where they had started.

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Buenos Aires, Argentina

During their last 1,000 kilometers of the rally, on September 23 at around 3 AM, the drivers left the main road of Route 3 and began driving along a secluded rural road just past the town of Carmen de Patagones, which would lead them to a town called Cardenal Cagliero. At this time Carlos was at the wheel, and in his rearview mirror he suddenly noticed a bright light with a strange quality he described as “dense and yellowish,” which he at first thought to be perhaps the headlights of another vehicle and which seemed to be growing closer and brighter at a rapid pace. Carlos pulled the car over to the side of the road, still thinking that this was another car or truck and thinking he would let it pass. Allegedly at that moment the entire vehicle was suddenly completely bathed in a breathtaking brilliant white light. Carlos would say of the bizarre events that followed thus:

Light flooded the passenger compartment and I couldn’t see beyond the hood of the car. It was a dense, brilliant light, yellow in color with some violet hues. I thought I’d lost control of the car at the moment. I looked through the window and saw we were nearly two meters over the asphalt surface. I suddenly thought we had jumped over a speed bump and braced myself on the steering wheel, waiting for the moment we’d hit the surface again.

After a few seconds, I don’t know, maybe some 5 or 10, I reacted and realized that something completely abnormal was going on. I wanted to look out the window again, but all I could see was that dense light. I remember I started screaming ‘what’s going on?’ but Moya wasn’t answering. When I looked to my right, my companion wasn’t there, or at least I couldn’t see him. I couldn’t even see the dashboard. I could only see that dense light that looked liquid, I don’t know, sort of viscous.

Meanwhile, the other passenger, Miguel Angel Moya, was indeed there, and was described as being completely terrified by the situation, which to be fair was probably the correct response to such a completely otherworldly series of events. Miguel would later recall of the surreal situation:

Initially I also thought it was a speed bump, and was scared at the thought of the vehicle overturning, but when I noticed that the car appeared to float in the air and wasn’t coming down, I became even more frightened. It was a situation I couldn’t really understand. I looked at Carlos and I saw him completely stiff, clutching the steering wheel with his arms outstretched and staring forward. It seemed like he was screaming but I couldn’t hear anything. I could see everything as if through a yellow fog, as if I was distant, somewhere else. I think my first reaction was to try and flee from there, but when I tried to open the door it wouldn’t budge, as if welded shut. I noticed the temperature was rising, although it could have been the result of my state of fear. Suddenly the light covered everything and I couldn’t see a thing, not even my hands, nothing.

The car then shuddered violently as it descended to hit the road, and the almost unbearably bright light began to dim and dissipate as the object was witnessed to travel off into the distance, and it was said to look like “a cone of yellow light, but one that didn’t end in a tip.” When their eyes had adjusted to the sudden dark, they realized that they had been deposited on the shoulder of the road facing the opposite direction of where they had been headed when the whole strange incident had started. They then watched the curious light travel off to the West, and Miguel would say of it:

It might have measured some five meters at the base and two or three at the cusp, measuring some six or seven meters in height. The base lit the ground, although you really couldn’t see what it was lighting, that is to say, you couldn’t see through the light. A few seconds later, the light…how can I explain it? …retracted itself or drew up like a curtain, from bottom to top, and all that remained in view was an oval, whitish-yellow light that kept heading west until it vanished in the distance.

The two shocked drivers reportedly sat there in awe and fear for a few minutes, trying to gather their wits about themselves, after which they went tearing off down Route 3 to get out of there as fast as they could. They would soon after reach a town called Pedro Luro, which was about 123 kilometers from where they had started and where the bizarreness would continue. Looking at the dashboard, they noticed that it said they had traveled just 52 kilometers from the city of Viedma to Puerto Luro, when in fact the actual distance it should have been was 127 kilometers. Somehow they had jumped a portion of that distance which had not registered on their vehicle. Even stranger still was that a look at a clock showed them that nearly 2 and a half hours had passed, when that journey should have only taken a little over an hour at the speeds they had been going, and adding to all of this it seemed that their backup gas tank was completely empty, despite the fact that they had just filled it up shortly before leaving Route 3. Although they at first thought about keeping the whole baffling event to themselves, they ended up going to the police with their story, after which it went on to become big news at the time.

Also from South America is a more recent case from May of 2017 in the location of the town of Hernandarias, in the province of Entre Rios, Argentina. According to the report, which was carried on Planeta UFO and CN Digital, a family gathered for dinner at their home on the night of May 22, 2017, and their 13-year old son was sent off on an errand to get something. The boy found that one of the doors was stuck, so another family member helped with trying to open it, but as he did this he allegedly turned around to find the boy was nowhere to be seen.

This wasn’t really so weird at this point, as the adult figured he had just returned to the dinner table, but it would soon become apparent that he had not, and that no one had seen the boy since he had left. The concerned family began searching the whole property and the street outside, but there was no sign where he had gone. At this point, one of their cell phones rang and on the other end of the line was the missing boy, who sounded quite confused and purportedly told them that he was at a taxi stand but was not sure where it was or how he had gotten there.

When police were notified and finally located the boy, he was around a kilometer and a half away from the house. Questioning him did not do much good, as he seemed to have very little memory of what had happened to him after he had left the dinner table. All he could say was that he had seen a blinding light and heard a “snapping noise,” after which he had found himself suddenly and inexplicably at the taxi stand. The boy was found to be completely healthy and with no sign of any physical injuries, and no one else in the area seems to have witnessed the light he spoke of. The odd case has been investigated ever since, with some UFO researchers holding it up as a case of abduction, and some saying it is a case of spontaneous teleportation. UFO researcher Gustavo Fernández, who wrote of the event in an article entitled “Argentina: The Hernandarias Event - UFO Teleportation or Abduction,” which was translated to English by Scott Corrales of the Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU), believes that it is the latter, saying of the case:

This then is the description of the facts - accepting its likelihood, ratified by Diego Wasinger, the local police chief - allows us to suppose the existence of another phenomenon, a parapsychological one with considerable background: teleportation. This is the name given to a spectacular but documented phenomenon consisting in the dematerialization of a person from a given location and their reappearance at another. Why speculate about an intervention by alien craft? This would be so if the protagonist had described having been taken into a spacecraft, or if other witnesses had seen this. But here, the youth only sees "a light" and this does not suffice to tag it as a UFO.

In fact, as I often say: we say a shining light behaving abnormally in the sky and we say: "Oh! a UFO!". We see a bright light behaving strangely at a graveyard and we say: "Oh! It's a ghost!". The only certainty in both cases is that we have seen a light behaving oddly. The "explanation" is simply our own speculation.

Argentina seems to be a veritable hotspot of such cases, and there is even a whole road that is known for having a high concentration of these strange incidents. Supposedly, the stretch of National Route 5 connecting Trenque Lauquen and Santa Rosa is absolutely plagued by reports of phenomena such as UFOs, instances of lost time, and teleportation. One commonly reported anomaly is startled drivers suddenly transported from the kilometer 460 marker to the kilometer 580 marker in the blink of an eye, a phenomenon often said to be accompanied by an inexplicable fog that comes from nowhere or mysterious unidentified lights in the sky.

According to UFO researcher Diego Sánchez, one very strange case along Route 5 involved a car mechanic named Carlos Colón, who was driving along the road on August 25, 1999, when his ears were assaulted by a deafening “buzzing sound.” The puzzled driver allegedly pulled over to the side of the road to try and figure out what was going on. He reported that as he had sat there in the car he noticed a group of mysterious humanoid figures creeping through the dark to approach the vehicle. Terrified, Carlos began to exit his car, and at that point the figures apparently vanished and he instantaneously found himself standing out of the vehicle several meters away. At the time the witness says he was overcome by an odd pain emanating from all over his body, as well as profound exhaustion and dizziness.

In another case, a man was driving along near Buenos Aires when he saw a strange purple light off in the distance, after which an unseasonable fog purportedly enveloped his vehicle. The next thing he knew he was lying on the ground in an unfamiliar location with his car nowhere to be seen. When he flagged down a passing vehicle he learned that he was in Salta, a full 1800 kilometers away from where he had been. His car would be found back where he had first seen the light, its engine still idling. UFO researcher Luis Burgos has said of Route 5 and its strange phenomena thus:

Route 5 and the communities located in the province of La Pampa are, without a doubt, prone to a variety of UFO experiences, of which teleportations are one of the most interesting episodes. One is atemporal teleportation, in which the protagonist takes minutes, even hours, in regaining awareness in a location far removed from the one he or she was in before. The other is instantaneous teleportation, which is the kind that usually occurs on Route 5 when drivers are not even aware that they have experienced the phenomenon, suddenly becoming aware when they see a mile marker or road sign that tells them they have traversed an unexpected distance in a matter of seconds.

Speaking of Argentina, one of the most bizarre, spectacular, and controversial cases of UFOs and teleportation ever comes from here. In May of 1968, a Dr. Geraldo Vidal and his wife Raffo de Vidal allegedly headed out from Buenos Aires on a trip to join a family gathering at the city of Chascomus, which lies around 120 kilometers away. After the get-together, they took a detour on the way back home, deciding they would visit some friends in the town of Maipu, lying around 150 kilometers from Chascomus. They would never arrive at their destination, no trace of their whereabouts could be found, and friends and family became increasingly worried. 48 hours after this mysterious disappearance, some friends were startled to receive a call from Dr. Vidal, but the really strange thing was that he was calling from the Argentinean consulate in Mexico City, some 6,400 km away.

When the Vidals were back in Argentina, a deeply strange story began to emerge as to why they had ended up so far away. Dr. Vidal would say that on the evening of their vanishing they had been driving along a lonely stretch of road when their vehicle had been inexplicably surrounded by a thick, white fog, and this would be the last thing they remembered before they woke up in the daytime on an unfamiliar rural road. Astonishingly, although they remembered nothing of how they had gotten there a look at a calendar showed them that a full 48 hours had passed. Physically they felt mostly fine, but they reported that their necks ached and they had perceived a certain heaviness throughout their bodies, as if they had slept too long.

Getting out of the car they discovered that the vehicle had strange scorch marks all down its sides, as if someone had taken a blowtorch to it, but the car otherwise worked fine. When they were able to ask some locals where they were, they were surprised and not a little unsettled to learn that they were actually now in Mexico, far from where they had just been, for them, moments before. Allegedly the Vidals drove over to Mexico City, where they explained the whole bizarre tale to a Rafael Lopez Pellegrini at the Argentine consulate. In an ominous turn of events, they were warned not to tell of what had happened to them to anyone, and their car was whisked away to the United States for analysis.

Despite this, the Vidal story was soon all over the news and it has gone on to become a classic, widely-known UFO case, reported on and written of countless times. Unfortunately, in later years the case has come under scrutiny as perhaps being a hoax. It turns out that not long before the strange incident an Argentinean science fiction film titled Che OVNI was in production. Directed by Anibal Uset, the film’s story of a couple who are teleported in their car displayed many of the same beats and details of the Vidal case, and even the car used in the film, a white Peugeot 403, is the same as the Vidals’.

Uset would even end up eventually admitting that he had created the whole Vidal story to promote and drum up interest in the movie, and because no first-hand witnesses to the incident had ever been directly interviewed, as well as the fact that there was scant evidence to prove that the Vidals had ever even been real people at all, this all pointed to the whole thing being a sham. Weirdly, despite this revelation there have been many who believe that Uset’s admission is a cover-up, and there are plenty of people who have claimed that to have met the Vidals and that their tale is actually true. So strong was the backlash against Uset’s admission that at one point the director himself started to think that maybe it was all real after all and that his version of events was wrong. He would say of this to journalist Alejandro C. Agostinelli:

So many people approached me to say that they had known the Vidals that I began to have doubts. What is more, the confusion was such that I began to think that our story coincided with something that had really happened.

The supposed hoaxer having doubts? What is going on here and where does this leave us? Was the Vidal case a hoax or not? Was Uset’s admission that he had created the story real, or was it a cover-up to discredit a true account? If it was real did his lie somehow mysteriously mirror a real event? Agostinelli has himself said of his opinion on Uset and the Vidals:

At the time, the fact that he (Uset) questioned his own creation startled me. But I think that this helps to understand how UFO stories are built along with many other modern myths. If even a hoaxer can be led to doubt, this means that mysteries are able to overcome any denial. That’s why I think myths are indestructible. Countless teleportation cases have occurred in Argentina and around the world, but the Vidal Case was a lie.

Nevertheless, the Vidal case continues to generate a fair amount of debate and discussion, it remains a classic case, and there are many who still think that it is a genuine event. Whether the case is real or not, one intriguing detail is the type of damage they supposedly found on their car, as if it had been subjected to some scorching heat, and this is a curious detailed in another bizarre case, in which one supposed UFO teleportation event seems to have apparently been stopped in the middle of the process. The witness claims that she had been driving through Chicago, Illinois, one evening in November of 2008 when she suddenly heard a series of loud thuds and bangs on her vehicle, as if someone were hammering at it from outside. These impacts became steadily stronger, to the point where some caused the whole car to shudder, with one particularly powerful tremor sending her into another lane.

When the incessant bangs stopped the understandably frightened woman pulled over to investigate any damage that had been caused to her car. Strangely, although there was no sign of dents or scratches that would have been caused by a collision or strike, the ides of the car looked as if they had been partially melted as if by an intense heat. It has been speculated that the woman had possibly been in the process of being sucked into some sort of portal, and the sounds that she had heard were perhaps it opening and closing around her, although why this all abruptly stopped is anyone’s guess.

Are any of these stories true, or are these hoaxes and tall tales? If they are genuine, then what is it that is happening to these people and who or what is behind it and for what purpose? Nobody knows. What we do know is that the UFO phenomenon is rife with the strange, the otherworldly, the surreal, and the downright insane, with seemingly no end to the wellspring of bizarreness that comes forth from it. With cases such as we have seen here we can add teleportation and teletransportation in some form or other to the long list of baffling details and clues already orbiting UFOs and their purported abilities, one more piece of weird to add to the considerable pile.

Brent Swancer

Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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