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Testimony Claims Nixon Hid Proof of ET in White House Time Capsule

As someone with an interest in history, politics, conspiracy theories and the possible existence of alien life and extraterrestrial contact with humans, this headline and follow-up was guaranteed to catch my eye:

“Nixon time capsule will reveal the existence of extraterrestrials. A Huston Plan Informer revealed that President Nixon hid a time capsule in the White House that contains an explosive spreading about ETs / UFOs.”

The link in the post pointed to an episode of “Dark Journalist,” a video series by Daniel Liszt, an independent reporter, filmmaker and the “Dark Journalist.” (video here) According to the writeup, Liszt interviews Robert Merritt, whose connection to Richard Nixon and the Watergate scandal is told in “Watergate Exposed: A Confidential Informant Tells How The Burglars Were Set Up and Reveals Other Government Dirty Tricks, by Robert Merritt As Told To Douglas Caddy, Original Attorney for the Watergate Seven.” In previous interviews, Merritt has said that he had learned about plans for the break-in from James Reed, a.k.a. Rita Reed, a drag queen who worked on the switchboard at the Columbia Plaza Apartments, just blocks from the Watergate Hotel, where he overheard the planned break-in being discussed while secretly listening in on a telephone conversation. Merritt apparently made this contact as an informant for the Huston Plan.

The Huston Plan referred to was a 43-page report of proposed security operations put together by White House aide Tom Charles Huston in 1970 at the request of President Richard Nixon, who wanted more control over domestic intelligence on so-called left-wing radicals and the anti-war movement. During the 1973 Watergate hearings, the Huston Plan was revealed to have called for domestic burglary, illegal electronic surveillance, the opening the mail of domestic “radicals” and the creation of camps in Western states where anti-war protesters would be detained.

As a side note, Saturday Night Live parodied the Huston Plan in a second season episode (1977) hosted by actor Broderick Crawford, who had starred in the movie All the King’s Men as the ambitious and ruthless politician, Willie Stark. The Watergate scandal and exposure eventually became a book and movie called All the President’s Men. Coincidences?

Where were we? Oh, yeah, the time capsule. In what appears to be a startling new twist, Merritt reveals to Liszt that he met three times with President Nixon in a “deep underground location beneath the White House. In the first, Nixon read him a letter stating that U.S. was protecting an extraterrestrial being and that scientists at Los Alamos were able to communicate with it and obtain “advanced technology and science.” Nixon then sealed the letter in a “time capsule” that he hid somewhere in the White House.

In another meeting, Merritt says Nixon told him to deliver a copy of the letter (which Nixon allegedly taped to Merritt’s stomach) to National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger and not to tell anyone about it. Now, Merritt says co-author Douglas Caddy has notified the National Archive that Nixon’s so-called time capsule is still in the White House and he (Caddy) will reveal the location if the National Archive agrees to read the letter to the public.

The video lasts 75 minutes but the interesting points are thankfully summarized. The real question is … what to make of it? Nixon’s gone and Kissinger never talks about anything like this. Why would Nixon trust Merritt with such a secret … and a subject (extraterrestrials) which has nothing to do with anything else in the Watergate scandal nor the Huston Plan, which is apparently still partly classified? If the National Archive refuses to Caddy’s terms, will he go to someone else? In the meantime, are the occupants and staffers of the current administration looking for the secret room and the time capsule? If they found it, would they reveal it?

Does it even exist? Why is Merritt revealing it now?

Is that Tom DeLonge knocking on the White House door?


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