Feb 16, 2018 I Brett Tingley

Trump’s Sons, Mysterious Explosions, and a Haunted Psychiatric Hospital

For better or worse, the campaign and presidency of President Donald Trump have spawned and attracted not only large federal investigations, but also strange rumors and conspiracy theories of all kind. The world of international politics hasn’t seen a phenomenon like the rise of Trump, making for all sorts of surprises, scandals, and speculation. While we typically leave the politics to other sites, the Trumps this week are at the center of a strange news story sure to get the paranormal imagination going. Business Insider reported this week that Trump’s two sons Eric and Donald Jr. own a massive hunting preserve in upstate New York which neighbors describe as sounding like a “war zone.” While there’s nothing too particularly suspicious (at least to Americans) about enjoying one’s second amendment rights on your own private property your daddy’s money bought, one key detail in the story jumps out: the property sits next to an abandoned psychiatric hospital rumored to be haunted.

potters field 640x443
Potter's fields were often found next to prisons, asylums, and other places where unclaimed dead were common.

According to the Business Insider article, the Trump sons’ 171-acre property outside Wingdale, New York sits next to “the old potter's field of an abandoned state psychiatric hospital said to be haunted.” If you’re like me and didn’t know what a potter’s field is, it’s a place where the bodies of unknown or unwanted people are dumped. Reportedly, their buying agent for the sale said his clients knew the abandoned hospital next to the property could be haunted at the time of the sale:

During negotiations, said Joe Kleinman — who with his wife, Jocelyn, sold the property in August 2013 for $665,000 — the buyer's agent tried to reduce the price by invoking a 1991 state court decision that requires buyers disclose to sellers if a property is known to be haunted. Kleinman refused, saying anyone who truly believed it was haunted would either abandon the sale or pay a premium.

The Trump kids, or at least “limited liability companies that contain some version of the property's address in their names but do not reveal the Trumps' connections” bought the property anyway. Could the possibility of hunting down a few ghosts and blowing them up with heavy munitions have made the property more appealing to the Trump kids? What exactly is happening on these supposed haunted hunting grounds? Like all things Trump® related, this one will likely stay a bizarre mystery.

Brett Tingley

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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