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Bigfoot Footprints on a Bed in Oregon Excite Researchers

Does Bigfoot hate making its bed? That’s just one of many theories (OK, it’s mine) being bandied about after the release of photographs of what appear to be huge non-human footprints on the cover of a futon mattress found along the side of a road in Alderwood State Wayside Park, Oregon – a place known for Sasquatch sightings. A couple of well-known Bigfoot researchers analyzed the footprints on the futon shortly after it was found and are pretty excited about it. Will this cloth become the Shroud of Alderwood? The Bed? The Floormat?

“The toe splay was very impressive, as was the prints’ widths. They looked very good to me, which got me very excited about the find. “

Bigfoot researcher Cliff Barackman says on his blog that he was contacted on February 16th, 2018, by an unnamed woman who claimed to have found a discarded futon mattress along Oregon Route 36 with unusual footprints on it. The witness contacted Barackman via an email with pictures attached of the futon, which was left on the roadside. Unfortunately, Barackman was out of town at the time and was concerned the sheet would be damaged by incoming inclement weather or picked up by someone who needed a bed.

Barackman contacted fellow Sasquatch researcher Chris Minniear, who contacted the witness and eventually located the mattress. Minniear photographed and video recorded the futon and the footprints, took measurements, then cut the fabric, removed them and took them home for further inspection. (Why not take the whole futon? Asking for a friend.)

Barackman eventually made it to the site a few days later with his wife and Thom Powell, a paranormal researcher and author who gives an excellent detailed account of both Minniear’s and Barackman’s work on his own blog, Powell reports that the foot sizes were “13.75″ for the right foot and 13″ for the left foot impression,” the stride length was 48 inches and the width was “6″ at the ball of the foot.” Barackman commented that the wide splay of the toes indicated to him that the owner of the feet had never owned shoes.

He also notes that there was an obvious impression made into the mattress covering by whatever made the prints. He says he plans to use the cloth and the photos to make 3D models of the footprints with the help of Bigfoot researcher and foot morphologist Dr. Jeff Meldrum at Idaho State University. All of this analysis will help determine if the prints are real or an elaborate hoax.

“To my knowledge, this is the only example of footprints being removed from a site on cloth or something similar. “

That comment by Cliff Barackman is what makes this story – whether you believe it’s Bigfoot or not – most interesting and a new twist on the search for Sasquatch. Both his blog and Powell’s have many photos of the prints so others can judge for themselves. The futon was found near Barackman’s residence so it’s a good bet he’ll be looking for the owner of the footprints.

The owner of the abandoned futon needs to be concerned more about being found by the litter police.

And “Footprints On My Futon” would make a great song title.


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