Mar 06, 2018 I Paul Seaburn

Birds Found in Brazil With Hearts Mysteriously Cut Out

The owners of a variety of poultry flocks in Bairro Alto, Brazil, checked on their chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese one morning last week and made a shocking discovery – about 60 birds were mysteriously killed during the night. How?

"We woke up and saw this horrible scene. They were placed in a circle with bites on the neck and back. Many had their hearts torn out. Very strange. If it had been an animal would have a lot of blood in the place and had nothing.”

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Now that we’ve gotten that our of our system, what killed all of these birds by precisely and bloodlessly removing their hearts? The killings occurred during the night of February 27th in this area of the city of Curitiba on the southeastern coast of Brazil. According to Massa News, the incident took place in what sounds like a backyard poultry operation in an urban area, so any unusual noises – like 60 birds squawking, quacking, honking and gobbling for help – would have been heard. However, owner Sidnei dos Santos heard nothing.

"I have no idea what might have happened. I had never seen such a thing. If they were two, three chickens, I could say it was a dog, but there were a lot of birds.”

Maria Aparecida dos Santos is also concerned.

"Nobody knows what that was and we're very scared. The place is surrounded and has no sign of break-in. It seems that they came to suck the hearts of the animals and nobody heard anything.”

While a dog, coyote or some other animal could have made the bite marks, it would have created a mess killing 60 large birds.Also, an animal would not have placed the dead birds in a circle. And then there’s the issue of the neat cuts, missing hearts and no blood. That sounds more like the cattle mutilations that are common in the U.S. and have no consensus as to what their cause might be.

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As for the 60 dead, heartless birds in Brazil, the ritual nature of the single organ removal and the circular placement of the corpses points to humans, but the silent killing of such a large number of large, noisy birds is puzzling. The news report indicates the residents asked for an investigation, and this is what happened:

“The villagers spent the Wednesday waiting for someone to come and collect the birds. They said they called several environmental agencies, but no one showed up. Thus, the villagers themselves bury the birds. The case must be referred to the Office of the Environment.”

Good luck with that ... especially after yelling "Chupacabra!" and "Aliens!"

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