Mar 24, 2018 I Paul Seaburn

Time Traveler Claims to Bring Food From the Year 2200

It’s no secret that our perceptions of the unknown are influenced by the known, and the ‘knowns’ we get most of our perceptions from today are television, movies and video. For example, time travel. Despite the best thinking and theorizing by Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, it’s not a reality … at least, not in our time or technology. However, it’s been a part of both folklore and science fiction. One of the ways we know someone in a movie has come from the future is by their clothes … they wear outfits of their own time period, usually shiny and too form-fitting for today’s human bodies. Since they can bring their clothing, anything that’s in their pockets comes along for the ride, right? You’d think one of them might bring a newspaper or a history book or a pill that has cured disease in their time … or at least some food. That’s why the latest spate of alleged fellows from the future (it’s almost always men – what’s up with that?) is so frustrating. The videos show them in today’s clothing – jeans, hooded sweatshirts) and they’re not even form-fitting) and they don’t seem to bring anything in their pockets other than blurred pictures.

future 570x267
Now THIS is futuristic clothing

Until now.

A man (no surprise here) in a flannel shirt and a gimme cap (not even one that says Make Our Solar System Great Again) appears in a new video (see it here) from ApexTV (also no surprise – it’s today’s go-to place for time travelers to tell their tales … they must do some heavy advertising in the future) claiming to be from 2200 and holds in his hand (get ready) food from the future. Yes! Is it a burger from Moon McDonald’s? A Twinkie that has survived for almost 200 years? No, it’s even better than that – it’s a new food form that he claims has eliminated world hunger! What a great thing to bring back! What does it look like? It’s … a pill.

"It contains everything you need for a week, and the government sends it to everybody on a monthly basis."

W.D. Davis (not his real name – it’s classified) says in the video (not his real face – it’s pixilated) that the food has helped increase human lifespan to over 200 years (not his real age – he’s 103) and eliminate plastics pollution (what kind of bottle do they keep these pills in?). He also claims (with no pictures – it’s frustrating) that 2200 is a place with auto-piloted flying space cars, no diseases, no doctors, no cancer, underwater cities, Martian cities, chips in our wrists to control everything, global warming (still?) and over-population – standard guy-from-the-future stuff. He also takes a leading question from the interviewer and agrees that there are an infinite number of dimensions so all of these writers trying to catch time travelers in conflicting stories (are you talking to me?) are wrong.

white pills 570x356
Did you bring enough for everybody?

And then W. D. Davis redeems himself by giving one of his free food pills to the interviewer and says it’s OK to eat it.

At this point, the interview should be over as the interviewer either a) eats the pill and waits for a week; b) takes the pill (OK, half the pill, putting the rest in a safe) to a lab for study; or c) …

What would YOU do?

Sorry, W.D. Davis. The infinite dimension answer is a cop-out. The clothing is a give-away (don’t say you’re just trying to blend in) and that overweight body belies living in a future world where there’s no disease and no need for doctors … or dieticians.

Pass around the pills … or we pass.


Paul Seaburn

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