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Argentine Firefighter Claims Aliens Contacted Him with Flashing Lights

What’s going on in Argentina? This week’s news featured an alleged half-man-half-beast sighting in Totoras and the discovery of a Nazi sub lost in 1945 while on its way to Argentina with what may have been Nazi leaders and their gold. Now a firefighter in Rosario de La Frontera has come forward with a video showing flashing lights that he claims are from an alien spacecraft warning Earth of the dangers of chemical and nuclear weapons. Fighting nukes with flashlights? In Argentina? What strange planet are these aliens from?

“At 9:30 p.m., on Monday (16), we received a call informing us that there were two strange lights on the banks of the Rio Rosario, and we went to the site and had a very strong experience.”

Perfil and other Argentine media sources report that what appears to be the latest of a series of these alleged alien contacts occurred on April 16th in Rosario de La Frontera, a small city (about 24,000 inhabitants) in the northwest province of Salta. In the rough Google translations of the reports, the witness identified as Ezequiel Álvarez, the “head of the volunteer firefighters” in Rosario de La Frontera, records one, then two lights flashing in the darkness that are changing in size, brightness and colors.

“We used to make signs with a flashlight and they answered us.”

So far, this sounds like something that could happen in any public park on a dark night anywhere in the world. That’s when Álvarez ups the ante by making a strange revelation … this is not the first time something like this has happened in his town and he believes Rosario de La Frontera may be the spot selected by an alien species to spread its message to humans.

“What happened in the Rosario River area is surprising, because it was only about two kilometers from the urban area, it was like a preparation, they wanted to tell us that they were at the door of our houses and that they were hitting. doubts that will continue to materialize.”

Well, two kilometers away isn’t really “at the door” but it was enough for Álvarez, who says he’s been studying UFOs for 15 years, to contact fellow local ufologist Alejandro Godoy, who claimed he was already in contact with the beings doing the flashing and that there were two ships in the area. Godoy said it was OK to get closer, which is what Álvarez reportedly did.

“I went immediately to the scene and I felt a great emotion, I had many experiences of contacts with extraterrestrial spaceships, but this is the first time that we can record a video that shows clearly that they are greeting us. Materially, we were in contact with the ship. They just let themselves be filmed and documented so that everyone knows about this demonstration and the testimonies.”

Unfortunately, the video Álvarez released (see it here) shows just the flashing lights, so we’re left with his limited description that the crafts were at least 15 meters (50 feet). He also claimed that this type of contact is a common occurrence in Rosario de La Frontera.

“There are many paranormal issues we can discuss. I can tell you there are various civilizations operating in Rosario de la Frontera. There are documented cases in the area of Duraznito, where locals and farmers saw them on the mountains. In these demonstrations they choose who to contact, regardless of the social, cultural or religious condition of the person.”

Aliens who do not know discrimination. What type of strange species could this be?

“[They] are members of the Pleiadian civilization.”

Ah, yes … the inhabitants of the Pleiades stars who are said to be really concerned about us, which Álvarez confirms.

“It is very nice what is happening to me, but I think it is also a warning to humanity about wars and the use of nuclear and chemical weapons.”

For those trying to connect the dots, this went from dim lights flashing in the woods to a dire warning of nuclear destruction – quite a jump. If the Pleiadians are really concerned about humanity, why don’t they at least communicate with searchlights … or lasers … or by interrupting the basketball playoffs for an important announcement?

Sorry, Rosario de La Frontera. You’re going to need more than just blinking lights and vague stories to qualify as a UFO hotbed and get your own annual alien festival and cable reality show.


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