Apr 17, 2018 I Paul Seaburn

Bigfoot Spotted in Russia and a Long Thin Werewolf in Argentina

It looks like the Loch Ness Monster isn’t the only cryptid who likes to occasionally take a vacation from its normal stomping/swimming/blood-sucking grounds. Just recently, what looks like an all-American Bigfoot was caught on video trudging through deep snow in Russia (is that redundant?) and what appears to be the world’s tallest and thinnest werewolf was photographed in Argentina. Is Expedia running a cryptid special?

Let’s start with the Bigfoot in Russia. A number of Sasquatch watching sites posted the video, including Bigfoot Tony (see the video and his analysis here), who also provided links to the original report in Russia. The date of the Russian post is April 4 but the video was taken on February 18, 2018 and the article noted that the “eyewitness did not dare to upload a video on the Web, fearing that he would be laughed at.” The video – grainy and jerky – appears to be a combination of a drive-cam – which shows the alleged creature being passed by – and then a smart phone carried by the witness as he chases the creature through the snow.

Bigfoot Tony does a good job of analyzing the video but, in the end, its validity is inconclusive. While it’s funny to think of Bigfoot on vacation, other possibilities are worth considering. In 2016, it was reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin spotted a family of Yeti in Siberia, so it could be a somewhat local cryptid. Whatever it is, the Russian report notes that locals are seeing wild animals (including bears) running out of the woods more frequently.

If it’s not Bigfoot, a bear or a big Russian in a bear suit, what else could it be? It was spotted in Severodvinsk, which has an interesting past. It was the birthplace of Marina Prusakova, who married Lee Harvey Oswald while he was living in Russia and shortly before he returned to the United States to eventually assassinate (or did he?) President John F. Kennedy. Because of all of the military ship and submarine building facilities, it’s restricted to foreigners. (Even Bigfoot?) During World War II, it was a major port for Russian warships. Could some sort of nuclear or chemical leak – or even secret medical testing – have created a hairy humanoid capable of surviving its frigid weather?

There’s nothing furry about the creature allegedly photographed in Totoras, Argentina. The single known picture popped up all over the Internet under headlines calling it a “half-man, half-animal,” a werewolf, a Chupacabra (on vacation from Texas, Central America or Puerto Rico?) and a murderous beast due to the claim that it was responsible for the deaths of a pit bull and a German shepherd. What the picture shows is something doglike and rib-showing thin, with little fur if any. If it’s a dog, the perspective makes it look the size of an anorexic Great Dane. If it’s a murderous killer werewolf, it must definitely have some sort of supernatural powers because a pit bull could easily snap those spindly legs.

With only one photo and no other witnesses, imaginations and speculations ran wild. An unusual suggestion was a vacationing Aswang – the shape-shifting werebeast from the Philippines. Can shape-shifters fool airport security?

Malaysian Police 004
Is patting down possible traveling shape-shifters an occupational hazard?

In this case, what appears to be the creature's identity was found – it’s definitely a werewolf … from a Harry Potter film. Sharp-eyed fans saw the CGI-distorted resemblance to a Remus Lupin werewolf picture on a Harry Potter wikia page.

Perhaps it’s the hoaxers who need a vacation.

Paul Seaburn

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