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Bizarre Encounters with Telepathic Dogmen

One type of mysterious creature that has gained a bit of a following in recent years is what is commonly referred to as the "Dogman." Much as its name suggests, these entities are usually described as being very tall, bipedal, and covered with shaggy hair much like the more well-known Sasquatch, but in this case they also have pointed muzzles and features of a very canine nature. Spotted in many regions of the United States, the Dogmen are a bizarre phenomenon that manages to teeter where the lines of Bigfoot, Werewolves, the paranormal, and urban legend intersect, yet taking things deeper into the strange are the various reports that suggest these beings utilize the mental power of telepathy as well.

One very interesting and quite bizarre such account comes from a witness who posted her experience on the site truthseekerhighway and claims that she had regular telepathic contact with a Dogman calling itself “Tulack.” This entity was first encountered by the witness in a the rugged Sandia mountains in New Mexico, where she was out one fine day with her fiancé, Michael, for a hike. At one point during their peaceful walk her fiancé suddenly called out to her to be careful of a bear ahead. Looking forward, she saw what he was talking about, as a hulking brown shape could be seen and heard crashing through a thicket. Seeing a bear out there was quite unexpected, but what’s even stranger was what allegedly happened next. The witness said of this:

As I watched the bear run away, out of some trees to the right of it, I saw a very strange and I mean very strange person walking going opposite of the bear. Its stride was like something I’ve never seen especially a normal person do. For every step it took there must have been 4 to 5 feet in between each step which means that I was looking at something very tall. Its back was hunched over and at first I thought that maybe he was carrying a backpack. I mean, my mind was going a hundred miles a minute trying to figure out what exactly I was looking at. Then I realized that it wasn’t a backpack but the man’s back. Then I saw how strange the color of the man was. At this point I had no idea I wasn’t looking at a man. Its color was grey, purple and dark brown. There seemed to be patches of what looked like to me, purple but who knows what I was looking at.


It didn’t turn and look at me but kept at a very fast pace walking down what we eventually saw was a path. I said to Michael how weird this fellow was but he couldn’t see him. I than pointed to the location of where he went and as we walked in that direction, that is when the horrible feeling hit us both in the gut. Something told both of us to stay back. It was a clear message and one I was willing to ignore but not Michael. I wanted to go down the path further but he said it was too dangerous.


I must say, the feeling in our gut was like a slight punch, almost a nauseating feeling. It affected our heart rates and our adrenaline was racing. I could feel my heartbeat all over my body. It was at this point that I decided to take photos in the direction the strange hiker had gone.

It was in one of these photos that we captured what turned out to be a Dogman. He was standing and watching us as we were trying to figure out what to do next. We didn’t smell him at all; he didn’t have an odor any more than the bear did. But I must say, we sure did feel him.

Even after they got home the witness says she maintained a sort of psychic connection with the spooky entity, and that she learned a lot of new and surprising things through this. One thing she claims she was able to glean from her exchanges with Tulack is that despite their fierce appearance these “Dogmen” are not violent or vicious creatures at all. She would say:

Tulack has relayed interesting information to me, the most obvious is that they don’t think like humans. They understand their place in the forests and they don’t put out their threatening stance to other animals in the forests except when they hunt. As far as how they interact with each other, he stated that they have an understanding with each other. He preferred his solitude and said he particularly didn’t stay with any group but knew where they roamed. He was to me obviously intelligent beyond just a beast in the woods. He distrusted people extremely as do most Cryptids. He didn’t go into more detail than this but I’m pretty sure that what we see on TV with Werewolf movies isn’t even close. Tulack said that he and the large brown bear have been palling around for years. People put human issues and temperaments to other creatures and beings that have nothing to do with them at all.

Another account of telepathy and Dogmen was given to the site Week in Weird by a witness calling himself “Zay,” who claimed that he was in regular telepathic contact with Dogmen in the forests of rural Pennsylvania, in the United States. Similarly to the previous report, Zay has said that these creatures are not violent or malevolent in any way, and that although they are frustrated and displeased with humankind, they hold no ill-will or hatred for us. Zay explained of these beings:

Very few people understand what courage really is. Courage is not about facing a werewolf, because I have visited with a werewolf in a sighting area more than once. Courage is not about traversing through dogman areas with guns and ammunition, because I have visited Dogman territories numerous times, always alone and unarmed. If I am not worthy to be here, then the dogmen can have me, but I have yet to experience aggression from them, and have had several subtle encounters with dogmen.


I have recently discovered a 3-toe paw print that was almost as big as the palm of my hand, and was so fresh, that the dog man could have been watching me as I passed by. Most people are trapped inside the bubble of their own existences. I reach out to the life around me.


I don’t write books nor am I well known. I’m a bachelor that lives a very quiet and private life, and one of things I love to do, is to get acquainted with the unknown. Anger, fear and arrogance rarely wins anyone friends that are truly trustworthy. The kind of feelings that you emit from your life force are the same ones that are going to be attracted to you.


I have literally had dogmen approach me after dark, announcing their presence with sounds that defy what you would reason as being from average animals. I have heard mystical heavy breathing sounds, to non aggressive growls of acknowledgment. I even had a dogman creep up on me for 15 minutes that I was aware of the entire time, and when I sensed that it was very close, perhaps right behind me, I had a black and white telepathic image of a canine head and snout that came into my mind. It’s an amazing world.


If given a choice between passing through cryptid territory or gang territory, I would choose dog men and big foot over humans any day. I have walked through dog man territories in Pennsylvania before, without fear, because I trust them, with a kind of trust that I don’t often have for humans. There are very few people in this world I would genuinely trust. I know just how arrogant and angry spirited people can be. I know quite a bit angry about my own kind, and am far more interested in knowing more about cryptids and protecting their habitats from further human development and destruction.

While these reports so far seem to portray the Dogmen as decidedly benevolent entities, others cast a rather more sinister light upon them. In an article at The Cloaked Hedgehog, a site devoted to Dogman and Werewolf phenomena, there is a somewhat frightening account relayed by Anna M K Larsson, who runs the site and appears to have spent quite a bit of time mapping and chronicling Dogman sightings and encounters. She has also specifically documented a few accounts of telepathy and Dogmen, saying of the phenomenon:

When it comes to ESP I have heard people talk about perceiving the Dogman in ways other than through the regular five senses. Many talk about the creature sending them a message telepathically about not to talk about their sighting or else. Many talk about having a distinct gut feeling when these things are around and some even say they have been “sight-jacked”, as in them seeing through the eyes of the Dogman and most likely vice versa.

She then relays a personal experience she had along these lines, which points towards a psychic ability to lash out mentally and which supposedly happened in the mid-1990s while she was outside her house one evening stargazing. As she looked up at the blanket of glittering stars across the vast inky canvas of the black sky she claims that she was suddenly overcome with a heavy sense of dread that seemed to emanate from a small grove nearby. She would say of what happened next thus:

I definitely sensed something was in that grove below the fence. Something very, very bad.
I felt it like a thousand needles on my skin and a horrible paralysis and heavy fear overcame me, which seemed to be projected onto me by someone or something else. I heard my own voice in my head (higher self?) say “Go inside, do not run”, twice. Inside, after calming down a bit, about 10 minutes later, I opened the window and almost immediately heard  a godawful howl from the cemetery a block away. The window was closed again really fast.

Larsson then goes on to explain that she was routinely subject to some form of psychic attack by the creatures, describing it as as being sought out and set upon by “tentacles of energy,” and most pronounced when she was engaged with research or looking into into the Dogman phenomenon. According to her, it seems almost as if they do not want to be looked at too closely and that they are trying to scare her off the subject. She has said of this:

I have also felt them “in the ether” as I call it while studying this subject. I perceive it as “tentacles of energy” searching through the ether, searching for the one searching them…The more I read and studied, the more I could perceive them coming closer. Sometimes I took breaks when I felt them coming too close. While working on those maps of dogman sightings two years ago, things got really intense for a long time. Months of reading about and mapping dogman reports for at least 16 hours a day. I felt the “tentacles”, I ignored them, I wanted to finish the maps. One day there was a connection made. I could feel it so distinctly. Contact. They had found me. Luckily I understand that they had only found me mentally. They still didn’t know where I physically was. Yet, after this experience I have become more afraid of the dark. I had some weird experiences with a mirror in my bedroom that I finally had to get rid of. I don’t really dare look out a window at night any more. I sometimes force myself because I will not live in fear of them, but damn it’s hard now.

Also rather ominous in a sense was the account given by Bigfoot and Dogman researcher Parker Duvall on an episode of Coast to Coast AM called “Bigfoot and Dogman,” with host Connie Willis. Duvall has spent years studying the Dogman phenomenon in his home state of Kentucky, and told Willis that he had made telepathic contact with a Dogman named “Rawjer” and has created a relationship with the entities. According to Duvall, the Dogman are a warrior-like race that utilize an ability to fill humans with terror and a “primal fear,” as this is apparently the state in which people learn the most about themselves. He also sent the program several images of what he claims were of one of the Dogman and a couple that were of the aftermath of Dogman attacks on livestock. You can see the images here and listen to the program here.

It is hard to know just what to make of such accounts or to discern just how much truth any of these may have, but they certainly do add a new weird dimension to the already rather bizarre phenomenon of the Dogman. These creatures are quite entrenched in the outer fringes of cryptozoology, seemingly defying any sort of biological explanation as it is, and these accounts of weird telepathic abilities further make this an area in which we largely have no idea of what we might be dealing with. Whether we are looking at Werewolves, thought forms, demons, ghosts, or something else entirely, the Dogman phenomenon most certainly seems to just get odder and odder, and shows no signs of waning.

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