Apr 21, 2018 I Brett Tingley

Exorcisms Sought After ‘Mass Possession’ Strikes Colombian School

The forces of darkness are growing in number and strength, running amok here on the Earthly plane by inhabiting the bodies of poor, unwitting humans. At least, that’s according to several statements issued by the Vatican itself, which has been on a recent campaign to recruit and train more exorcists due to what it describes as an increase in demonic possessions worldwide. This week, those statements might have been proven true thanks to a bizarre sickness of some kind which spread through a school in Colombia and is being described as a mass possession.

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What is it with demons and kids?

Colombian news outlets are reporting on a video - a quite blurry one - they claim depicts some sort of bizarre spiritual incident at a Colombian grade school in the small town of Palomino. According to news reports, six students fainted without warning or began crying out strange utterances, and no one has yet to be able to explain the cause. A mother of one of the girls affected says her daughter was overcome with some type of dark force which made her cry out terrible things to her classmates:

Suddenly, she felt something make a sound inside her body, she sat down and told her classmate "I feel sick". 'Suddenly she felt a blow to her chest and she fell onto the floor.  She was shouting and started swearing, saying: "I will kill them".

The article claims the parents of these students are seeking “spiritual help” from a local church to help the students since nothing was found to be medically wrong with them.

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Just what kids need.

While the blurry footage of schoolgirls fainting certainly is disturbing, there is a long documented history of similar events occurring and being explained as collective obsessional behavior, formerly known as mass hysteria. The same phenomenon has been cited as a likely cause of the Salem witch trials or the Tanganyika laughing epidemic of 1962, in which nearly an entire school of children came down with unexplained laughing which could last up to 16 days. The phenomenon seems somewhat more prevalent in schools for some reason. Are these some type of unconscious collective behavior, some unknown type of mental contagion, or something far stranger?

Brett Tingley

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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