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Man Invents Electric Car That Never Needs Charging, Then He Disappears

Man invents boulder that needs no pushing!
Man invents horse that needs no food!
Man invents power plant that needs no coal!
Man invents car that needs no gasoline!
Man invents electric car that needs no charging!

Every technological era has seen the alleged invention of a device which attempts to prove that the dominating force of the technology actually needs no fuel and it will put the fuel-providers out of business by giving the world free and unlimited power. And, it seems, every time this type of invention is announced, the free power source is debunked and the inventor suspiciously disappears. A news report making the rounds this week touts the invention of an electric car that needs no charging. The car was originally announced in 2015. Have you seen one? The inventor was reportedly hired by the Trump administration in 2017 and moved to the US. Have you seen him with the president lately? Is this an elaborate hoax? What happened to Maxwell Chikumbutso and his electric car that runs on radio waves? (Where have we heard of that before?)

Tesla circa 1890 570x764
Nikolas Tesla

“The Saith Holdings electric car – the SAITH – is certainly the first in Zimbabwe and absolutely in the world according to the description given. We all have heard and know about electric car technology – right?. What we all may not know is that Chikumbutso’s electric car defies what is known in physics as the law of conservation of energy) which has made it elusive worldwide or shall we say until now to create a perpetual energy machine. Sangulani has just created that evasive perpetual energy machine in the Saith. The car travels at maximum 90kph and has enough horse power to pull a Ford Ranger vehicle with six people inside, he told us emphatically. All this time the car would be generating its own energy to run as well as to power your home when you park it. Yes when its parked you can run a line to your house to power your house using the car!”

That quote comes from a July 2015 article in OfZimba about Zimbabwean inventor Maxwell Chikumbutso, his SAITH no-charge electric car, the company of the same name, his Greener Power Machine that converts “high Radio Frequency Energy directly into electricity” and more. It’s enough to wonder if Nikolas Tesla has been reincarnated … or if his secret papers on free energy have been released. While his website (which includes photos of the inventions) touts his other inventions (including a helicopter than runs on any of six fuels), nothing more seems to have been reported on Maxwell Chikumbutso.

car 3321668 640 570x243
Is this the last of the plug-in electric cars?

That is, until June 11, 2017, when he announced in the Zambian Observer that he closed up shop in Zimbabwe and moved to California.

“The USA Government saw what Africa did not and California is now our HOME, the Head Office of Saith Holdings Inc.”

What did the Trump administration (headline: “Trump Scoops Top Zimbabwean Inventor Maxwell Chikumbutso“) see in Chikumbutso and his physics-defying claims that governments and investors in Africa did not? Why did it set him up in California, home of the factory where Tesla electric vehicles are made? Why doesn’t the Saith Inc. website mention anything about the move or its current U.S. location? Why is it looking for donations?

Why, as he says in the 2017 OfZimba article, did he design the energy-producing part of the car to totally self-destruct if tampered with or subjected to reverse engineering?

Why does it seem that no one has seen him or reported on the company, the car or his other 'free energy' inventions since the announcement? Where are they?

Where is Maxwell Chikumbutso?

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