A very pervasive and bizarre area of the unexplained that has grown in recent years is the phenomenon of what are called Black Eyed Kids, Black Eyed Children, or simply "BEKs." They perhaps need no introduction, but they are basically usually described as being odd-looking kids ranging from 5 years old up to their late teens, with completely black orbs for eyes. The typical encounter has them asking to be let into homes or vehicles, which produces an intense dread in those who are being asked. Although most people refuse these advances, terrible things can happen to those who acquiesce to the demands, and the Black Eyed Kids are most definitely considered malevolent. Yet one may wonder if there are those who have actually managed to fight back against these sinister beings, to overcome the supernatural fear they emanate and manage to chase them off. If some accounts are to be believed, this is not only possible, but has already happened on rare occasions.

A few very bizarre cases of people actually managing to fight back against these terrifying supernatural entities were relayed to me personally in the wake of an article I wrote a while back about a very strange encounter I had in my younger years with some mysterious strangers in the wilds of Nevada. After that article I got all kinds of mails about what they could have been, from Skinwalkers, to aliens, to escaped government experiments, to vampires, to just your run-of-the-mill drug-crazed psychos, but one curious idea was that they were Black Eyed Kids, and a few accounts I was told seem to suggest that at least for them this was perhaps the case. I also received some very curious accounts from those who had experienced something rather similar in nature to what I went through.

One reader who contacted me with his own tale and gave me permission to share on the condition of anonymity claims that he had, similarly to myself, been approached by a pair of strangers as he sat in his car along a lonely, remote road in the U.S. state of Utah. In this case he claims that he too had stopped to take a short rest when two kids (in my case it was three, possibly more) seemingly in their mid-teens, a boy and a girl, materialized out of the night as they approached his vehicle. At first he was worried that they were lost, as it was out in the middle of nowhere and there was no one else around for miles. He rolled down his window to get a better look at them, thinking he would call out to ask if they needed help. However, things became a bit unsettling as they approached his vehicle.

He claimed that the kids seemed to be wearing very old-fashioned clothing, although he was uncertain from which era it could have been from. They were both remarkably pale, to the point that they almost seemed to emanate a faint glow from their skin in the moonlight, and both had odd-looking bowl style haircuts that for some reason put the witness ill at ease. Slightly unnerved, he nevertheless called out to the two and asked if something had happened to them and if they were in need of assistance. The boy merely replied, “Yes, please” as the two closed the distance, and that was when it was noticed that both of them had pure black eyes like those of a shark. This realization also happened to coincide with a sudden tingling feeling of dread that sort of spread out through his body like ripples in a pond. Then one of them spoke.

The boy allegedly told him that they were lost out in the desert and they needed help. He asked the witness to open the car door and give them a ride to the nearest town, but at this point the witness claims that he was overwhelmed with a sheer wall of fear and the potent urge to get away from there as fast as he could. Yet he also found that he seemed to be unable to move, as if he were paralyzed. He would say of this:

It was a really strange sensation. Every fiber of my being was screaming to get the hell out of there but I was, I don’t know how to describe it, sort of transfixed, hypnotized, whatever. Anyway, there wasn’t a chance I was going to open that door, but I couldn’t move to get my car started either. I was like a prisoner in my own skull looking out. And that window was still rolled down, nothing separating me from that freaky kid’s face leering just outside.

The witness says that through sheer will he was able to move his arm slowly towards the window, but that it was as if a massively heavy weight were attached to it. He supposedly had to lean a bit with his body as he inched his limb closer to the car door, and that the whole time the two kids just stared at him quizzically, as if they were somewhat amused by it all. As the witness leaned and tried to work his arm, he says that something very strange happened indeed. He would claim:

The whole time neither of the kids had made any move to come closer or force or reach their way in, like there was some kind of invisible wall there where my window would have been. Then I was sort of rocking back and forth and leaning, trying to get my goddam arm to move and some part of my clothing must have passed that unseen barrier because that was when the boy, quick as a whip, snagged my jacket with his hand, and at the same time smiled. I tell you, I will never forget that smile. His teeth, they were like they were made out of metal, gleaming, and that was what I think snapped me out of it, those teeth. The weight that had been holding me down was lifted and I shoved that sucker as hard as I could.

The boy apparently was surprised by this sudden push, letting go and stumbling back with a look of shock on his face. In the meantime, my contact started up his car, not sure of whether he would soon be paralyzed again. When he looked up he claims that the same boy had somehow appeared in front of the vehicle, and stood there as if trying to keep him from leaving. The girl was apparently off to the side a bit, but staring intently with a look of anger on her face. In a panic, the witness says he floored it anyway, but that the boy did not budge. He would explain:

I tore off but that kid stood his ground and thumped off my bumper. I wasn’t going very fast at that point, but enough to mess someone up, you’d think. But when I looked in my rearview I swear that kid was getting up and dusting himself off like it was no big thing. I just got the hell out of there and didn’t look back again. I’ll never forget the whole thing. It was like a nightmare and I still wonder what would have happened to me if I’d actually given them the ride like they wanted.

It is a very outlandish case to be sure, and I’ll be the first one to admit that since this is an account given to me by some random reader the needle on my BS meter is quite high on this one, but it is still a remarkably bizarre report that I felt was worth sharing. Unbelievably, there was one more report along these lines given to me by another reader that is just as weird and perhaps even more dramatic still. This account once again mirrored my own experience in that the witness was in his car when it happened, that he was actually in Nevada in what he claims was the same general region, and his report really takes things to the next level.

The witness interestingly said that he had also been in Nevada at a rest stop when he was approached by 3 young people perhaps 18-years of age and wearing dusty, somewhat worn-out looking clothes. Like the previous report, he says that they had black eyes and that they asked for a ride. In my own experience I mentioned flashing a knife in an unsuccessful attempt to scare the kids away, and this witness says that he also produced a knife in case he had to defend himself. The difference is, it seems that he actually ended up using it. The guy told me that he had made the mistake of opening up his car door a crack, as he had been about to step out and chase them off, and that at this moment one of the kids had torn the door open and actually dragged him out of the car. He did have his knife in hand still, and he claimed that he had lashed out with it in a panic and had managed to connect with it. He told me:

They pull me out of that car and I tumble to the ground. I figure I’m screwed at that point, but through the veil of fear I realize that my hand is holding something, and it’s my knife. I wasn’t really thinking when I stabbed out with it at the nearest shape, and I got him. I felt that knife sink in, but when I look up he is just looking at me with those black, beady eyes. I hit him with the knife again, but no reaction. He’s just standing there staring. The others are looking on as if it’s no big deal. Then the kid I know I stabbed twice says ‘Maybe next time,’ and they just walk off into the night. I check the ground and knife but there was no blood, no nothing. I don’t know if I passed some kind of test or not, and maybe that's why they left me alone, but I do know that those people you met out there, I have no doubt in my mind they wanted you dead.

This particular contact even went as far as to tell me that he was very confident that the kids he met were likely even the same exact ones I had come across in my own weird encounter (although I never did see the actual color of their eyes, just that they seemed to glow or reflect light). Among all of the weird responses I got to my sharing of my experience, this one has to rank up there with the weirdest. I have no idea what to make of these accounts, how true they could be, or what connection they have to my own encounter, if any. This guy is probably just messing around, but damn if it is not an interesting twist on what happened to me and an odd addition to Black Eyed Kids reports in general.

There are scattered other accounts floating about out there of others who claim to have managed to successfully fight back against the Black Eyed Kids as well. One was posted on a thread on the site Thought Catalog by a commenter called “bloodybones.” He claims that one year at around Halloween he had decided to go down to the corner store, and as he did so he happened to see two teens of around 14 years of age knocking on someone’s door to ask to use the phone. This struck him as odd, as is an era where most kids that age have a smartphone and asking a someone to use their phone seemed unusual to him.

He passed by the house and at that point the kids turned to stare at him as he went by with an unsettling gaze. The witness hurried to the store and when he looked back he says that they were following him. When he rushed into the store the cashier seemed concerned, and the witness told him what had just happened. The cashier then explained that he had had some incidents like this in the past, and he advised the witness to never agree to help these mysterious people. At that point they noticed that the two teens were lurking right outside the door to the shop, but were not trying to enter, just loitering about asking to be let in, even though the shop was open and there seemed to be nothing stopping them. The cashier then locked the door just to make sure, and the witness would say of the odd events that unfolded:

The teens never seem to waver or leave. They wouldn’t step away from the door. It had been an hour. The cashier and I were ready to fight our way out, but instead he took me out the back. The one teen came around the back just as the door shut behind us. Can you help me is all he could say. He was closing in on us, and his eyes. They were black as a starless night. They were peering right into my soul. I couldn’t help but gaze into his eyes. The terror, I can’t remember too much of what happened next, but I do recall the sounds of struggle. When I came too, the cashier was struggling with both teens. He was calling out to me for help. I ran towards them, grabbed him by his collar and pulled him between the two, and knocking them over in the process. I didn’t look back until I was near my house, the cashier was gone but the teens were still following behind. I ran into my house, closed all the blinds, and turned the music up.

Adding to the creepiness of it all, the witness went back to the store the following day to thank him for saving his life, but he had not shown up for work, and the owner of the store said that he had quit and was in the process of moving out of town. From then on, the witness claims to have been plagued by the sense of being watched and says that he even can see the kids on the periphery of his vision sometimes or watching his house from across the street. It is certainly an eerie account to be sure, but is it just a spooky story or is there anything to it?

Another rather dramatic and frightening encounter was shared on a Black Eyed Kid forum on the site AboveTopSecret. The witness says that he was 16 years old at the time and skateboarding one evening at around 10:30 PM when he was approached by two kids. One of them was described as about 15 years old and having blonde hair, a baseball cap, and a skateboard “painted all black on the bottom,” while the other was around 8 years old and was wearing a Spiderman shirt. The witness would say of what happened next thus:

The older one spoke to me as I had my head hanging low. "Hey, kid can you help us were lost we need to use a phone can you take us to your house?" I looked up at them and immediately felt Dread and despair I stood up quickly sensing something was wrong " Uh, you can use my cellphone if you want" the older kid seemed annoyed then and look me in the eyes it was then that I noticed they were black all black not any white I could see. "Hey cool contacts where did you get them" I asked "There not Contacts" he said flatly " Yea well sorry I couldn't help you guys out but I’m going inside”


I turned around and started to ride but somehow the older kid caught up with me and grabbed my shoulder " YOU will let us use your phone WE NEED TO GO INSIDE BUT WE CAN"T IF YOU DON"T TAKE US TO YOUR HOUSE" it was at this point I hit him in the face and ran up the stairs to my house and shook for hours later when I was on the computer I looked outside my window and the kids were staring at the window I told my mother and of course she didn't believe me.

One more harrowing encounter reported on the site Weekinweird was allegedly experienced by a United States marine stationed at a barracks in Texas, in the United States. One quiet evening something very strange happened indeed, of which the witness would say:

I’m a 6’7″, 260 lb airman who was prior Special Forces. About a month ago, while stationed at a base in Texas that I will not disclose, I was up drinking a beer when I heard a knock on my dorm door. I got up outta bed thinking it was my pissmate, and since we have “Jack and Jill” styled bathrooms connecting our rooms, I opened our bathroom door and there was nothing. Being confused as hell, I heard this sharp rapping on my door again so I look out my peep hole. Now the hole, being quite settled halfway down the door, I had to bend down to look through it. Standing there in front of me was a boy who looked about 17 or 18 at the most. I asked “what’s up”, and he looked up with a smile that I can only describe as partially cruel and hungry looking. With a gaunt face, the boy asked me if he could use my phone. I said, “sorry Bud, I’m about to go to sleep so try the SP building across the parking lot”. I closed the door, thinking nothing of it.


He knocked again, and I walked over to my window, this time to intimidate the boy into leaving me be. I pulled my blinds up and looked straight at him. He looked up at me. I’d say he was only 5’9″ and about 140 lbs.. real gaunt and frail looking guy. Believe me when I say I don’t scare easily, but something about him made me feel uneasy as all hell.


He looked up at me and asked if he could come in again and then I saw his eyes.. they were empty looking coals and a smile crept to his mouth – that same hungry predatory smile – and I felt goosebumps on my legs and back. Something wasn’t right. I said, “I’m going to tell you one more time before I kick your ass to get lost.” I turned around to get my phone and looked back and he was gone.

At this point the witness said he was overcome by an intense feeling of deja vu, as if he had seen the kid somewhere before. After pondering it for a while he realized that he had indeed had seen the same kid two years prior while he was with his brother. They had been working at a gas station at the time when that kid had walked across a 4-lane highway to step up o the door and stand there staring at them. When they had asked what he wanted, the kid had apparently asked to use their phone, and they refused. The kid had then drawn closer and the two witnesses had backed away to go into the building, feeling a sense of danger even though the kid was quite frail looking. The creepy kid, who they could see had a pale white face and pure black eyes, then stood right outside the glass door knocking on it for about 5 minutes. Having enough of this, the brother had then picked up a baseball bat and rushed outside to confront the stranger, but the kid had disappeared. For some reason the memory had been repressed, but his encounter at the barracks had brought it all back and he was convinced it was the same exact kid and that his brother had successfully chased him off.

The Black Eyed Kid phenomenon has certainly generated its fair share of frightening and creepy reports over the years, and it seems as though the mythology around them has grown and evolved to the point where it is very difficult to tell where any reality ends and pure urban legend begins. It all seems like a modern day Boogieman tale that very often smacks of myth and folklore. Yet for those who say they have encountered these beings it all seems very real indeed, and if real it seems that the Black Eyed Kids are a frightening force to be reckoned with, but a force that, as we have seen here, can be perhaps pushed back and thwarted. Whether any of these accounts are true or not, it all manages to weave more threads into the complex and spooky tapestry of the Black Eyed Kids legend.

Brent Swancer

Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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