May 08, 2018 I Paul Seaburn

Harry and Meghan’s New Royal House May Be Haunted

It should come as no surprise that, despite a massive amount of security, uninvited guests will try to crash the upcoming royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on May 19th. One that some psychics are predicting will show up is the ghost of the mother of the groom – the late Princess Diana. There were some alleged sightings of her spirit at the wedding of Prince William and Princess Kate, but twin psychics Linda and Terry Jamison – who each call themselves “Nostradamus in Stilettos” – say that Diana has told them she will be there, just as she attended her other son’s wedding. Will she be seen by anyone or just make her presences felt, as William reported after his royal ceremony?

Even if Harry and Meghan don’t see or feel Di’s ghost, they stand a good chance of seeing, feeling and possibly chasing out a number of them when they open their gift from Harry’s granny – Queen Elizabeth II. It’s been leaked (even the threat of being imprisoned in the Tower of London doesn’t seem to scare leakers there) that the queen is giving the newlyweds York Cottage on the grounds of the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk when they need to escape from their rough royal life at their primary residence at Nottingham Cottage in Kensington Palace. Is this really a great wedding present or is the queen re-gifting a property no one else wants because it’s … haunted?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle 570x570
Prince Harry and Meghan MArkle

Sandringham Estate was built in 1771 and the royals purchased it for Edward VII while he was Prince of Wales. He and his wife Alexandra had the house completely rebuilt and built York Cottage as an overflow residence for when it got too crowded (those royal visitors and their luggage). Edward VII then gave it to his son, the future George V, and his wife, the future Queen Mary, for their wedding (is there a pattern here?). After the death of Queen Alexandra in 1925, it was converted to offices for the estate. It shows just how far down the royal succession ladder Harry is (sixth, after the birth of Prince Louis) that his summer home is an office building.

Perhaps Harry may want to forget about remodeling York Cottage and find a nice flat in London instead. According to royal legend, it is haunted by the ghost of Prince Albert Victor, better known as Prince Eddy. Students of the search for the real identity of serial killer Jack the Ripper know that Prince Eddy’s name is on the list because of his mental capacity, mental health and sexual preference. While it wouldn’t be the first time a king or queen had problems with the first two, Eddy’s gay or bi lifestyle occurred in the wrong century for acceptance.

In July 1889, a male brothel on Cleveland Street was busted and the prostitutes gave the police their client list. While not on it, Prince Albert Victor was implicated and the resulting scandal added to the fears of what would happen when he became king. He was treated for various “illnesses” that were suspected to be gonorrhea or another venereal disease. He was alleged to be secretly married to a woman and in 1891 was implicated in the suicide of a chorus girl he was allegedly having an affair with, but again there was no concrete evidence, which led to more suspicions of cover-ups. Rumors of other affairs continued even after he died in 1891. At the time of his death, Albert Victor was engaged to Princess Mary of Teck, the daughter of his grandmother Queen Victoria’s fist cousin (less of a shock than the other scandals), who promptly took up with and eventually married his younger brother, the future George V.

It sounds like Poor Prince Eddy was himself haunted.

sandringham 570x380
Sandringham House

In any case, Harry and Meghan may not have to worry because York Cottage may just be an overflow residence for the ghosts of the main Sandringham House, a spooky 270-room mansion where Prince Albert Victor, Queen Alexandra, King George V and King George VI all died. The ever-pale Prince Charles claims to have felt a presence there and Prince Christopher of Greece claimed to have seen a reflection of a young lady in a black mask in his bedroom mirror that matched an 18th century portrait in Houghton Hall, Norfolk.

Should Harry and Meghan move in or just hold on to York Cottage until they can re-gift it to little Prince George?

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