Jun 01, 2018 I Nick Redfern

Supernatural Cars on the Highways

In 2012 I wrote an article here at Mysterious Universe titled "The Strange Saga of the Vanishing Cars." An extract from the article reads as follows [QUOTE]: "As I know only too well, and as a result of years of looking into the MIB mystery, it isn’t just the MIB that are weird. Their cars are, too. Just like the dark-suited characters that drive them, their vehicles also display evidence of deep and bizarre high-strangeness, including having the ability to vanish into complete oblivion. Even to be able to fly! They are definitely justified in being called CIBs: Cars in Black.

"Dr. Josef Allen Hynek, a well-renowned UFO authority who died in 1986, was provided with the details of a fantastically-strange MIB encounter that occurred in a small Minnesota town in late 1975, and that falls firmly into just such a category. Ironically, no UFO was seen on this particular occasion, but the chief witness was harassed by the driver of a large, black Cadillac on a particular stretch of highway, and who nearly forced the man into an adjacent ditch. The irate man quickly righted his vehicle and headed off in hot-pursuit, only to see the black Cadillac lift into the air and, quite literally, disappear in the blink of any eye [END OF QUOTE]."

There is a very good reason why I bring the issue of “Cars in Black” to your attention again. While going through a bunch of old files in early March 2017, I stumbled upon a few scribbled notes from years earlier that concerned a good friend of mine, Tracie Austin, and the MIB. On finding those notes, I called Tracie - who runs the "Let's Talk Paranormal" show - on March 13 and asked her if she could expand on this other story. It was time to get it all down, once and for all. It all revolved around Tracie’s personal encounter with a CIB, back in the late 1990s. She said:

"I remember when me and you went to the UFO Magazine conference in September 1999, in Leeds [England]. I got the train there, you drove there, and then you drove me home, afterwards. Well, it wasn’t long after that that this thing happened. I had moved up to Cheshire the week after I got back from the conference. While we were at the conference I had met Brigitte Barclay [a well-known alien abductee in the U.K.]. That was the first time I had met Brigitte. We just got talking and she happened to tell me of when she lived in the States she had Men in Black episodes. And how she was followed by black cars and black helicopters.

"So, I went to the conference, talked to Brigitte, and then was the house move. A few days after, me and a friend went to the movies and a Pizza Hut – it was a Sunday night; I remember that. We were driving from Cheshire into Staffordshire, for about fifteen miles. And Cheshire is full of country roads, as you know. Farmers’ fields, countryside; that kind of thing.

"As we entered Staffordshire, I noticed there was an old, black Lincoln car coming towards us in the opposite direction. Although it was old, it looked new, but it was an old style, and it was totally out of place. And, coming from England, in Cheshire, that’s just not the kind of car you see: an American Lincoln. That’s what I thought: what’s an American car doing here?

"As the car approached us – coming the other way – I tried to see who the driver was, but I couldn’t see anybody. I’m not saying the car was driving itself, but I just couldn’t make out anyone. No-one. I could see it had really shiny bumpers and there was no [license] plate, at all. And I noticed that with every car behind that Lincoln, it was like it was the leader of the pack. I could see the drivers of the cars behind were all kind of “switched off.” It looked like an automatic mode. Like they were in a daze. It was very, very odd.

"We got down the road and my friend said: 'Did you see the way that vehicle was moving?'

"I said, 'No, what do you mean?'

"He said: 'The wheels were going around, but they weren’t touching the ground.'

"It was just like it was hovering, but not high, or I would have known. I was too busy trying to see the driver. I just said: 'Oh, my God.'  It was really odd that I had had that conversation with Brigitte only a week prior, and now, a week later, I was having my own Man in Black encounter. I don’t believe in coincidence at all; I think everything is synchronicity."

Nick Redfern

Nick Redfern works full time as a writer, lecturer, and journalist. He writes about a wide range of unsolved mysteries, including Bigfoot, UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster, alien encounters, and government conspiracies. Nick has written 41 books, writes for Mysterious Universe and has appeared on numerous television shows on the The History Channel, National Geographic Channel and SyFy Channel.

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