Looking at accounts of the strange and the paranormal, one can often not escape the certain odd detail that many of these sightings happen in discernible waves, and that some years seem to produce far more reports of enigmatic encounters than others. Although it is uncertain why this may be, there are some years to which truly phenomenally bizarre reports seem to gravitate, and 1965 certainly stands tall amongst them, with numerous accounts of strange visitors that seem as if they cannot possibly be from anywhere on this planet, or even this reality. In this year we have tales of tree monsters, sentient pyramids, and just about the most flat-out mind boggling reports of high strangeness one can hope to find. Are they inter dimensional travelers, aliens, or what? Read on and decide for yourself.

One account of an entity not quite like any other comes from the town of Poole, in Dorset, England in 1965. The witness, a Terrence Druce, claimed that when he was 7 years old he had awoken in his bedroom one night to find the surreal sight of a bizarre entity of around 4 feet in height, which seemed to take the form of a shimmering multicolored triangle, and from which dangled two thin black arms topped with what appeared to be lobster-like pincers. When Terrence quite rightly screamed in terror, his brother, Broderick, reportedly had come running into the room to see it himself, and the two frightened children stared in awe at the floating triangular being for a few seconds, after which it simply vanished into thin air right before their eyes.

Oddly, this would not even be their only encounter with this unearthly entity. The very next day, the two brothers were reportedly walking across a parking lot when they noticed the triangular thing hovering near a nearby car, only this time its appearance had changed in that it was a complete obsidian black and it now had a “beak” of some sort. Terrence would claim that it had seemed to be watching them and that they had run away as fast as they could. What was this thing? Was it even biological at all or some sort of mechanized creation? Was it an alien or an inter-dimensional traveler? Did it ever exist outside of these children’s imaginations? No one knows.

An equally perplexing and biologically implausible being was sighted in Argentina in that very same year, in October of 1965. According to the original account printed in the Argentinean newspaper La Cronica Matutina, three schoolchildren by the names of Luis Ramirez, Maria Abela Cabana, and Rosa Carbajal, were walking along near their school in a secluded part of the village of Puerto Beltran in order to retrieve water from a nearby reservoir tank when they had a rather otherworldly encounter.

They claim that they saw before them a massive, round, blob-like thing that rolled along the ground and pulsated as if alive. The entity apparently then began making circles along the dusty ground, kicking of sprays of dirt as it did so, before vanishing into a billowing cloud of dust. Unfortunately, although this baffling report is very intriguing and has been retold in other books such as Charles Bowen’s 1967 The Humanoids and Gordon Creighton’s Humanoids in South America, there are scant details on the sighting and no new information. Whatever these kids saw will probably never be solved.

Also in 1965 and in South America is the peculiar account of two men who witnessed an outlandish entity along a secluded rural road in Peru. In summer of that year, on the evening of August 29, witnesses Antonio Chavez Bedoya and Julio L. de Romana were reportedly driving along an isolated stretch of road near the town of Arequipa when their attention was captured by something standing right in the middle of the road in front of them. They slammed on the brakes and there in the headlights was one of the most far-out creatures one can imagine.

The entity reportedly was around 31 inches in height and looked like a shrub or tree, of all things, which was all black and had a single golden eye where its “head” would presumably be. Even odder still was the detail that it was surrounded by glittering strips of silver and gold, which swirled around it like shiny confetti or tinsel, making it resemble a Christmas tree in a sense. As the two puzzled men stared at it, they noticed that the large, gold-colored main eye was orbited by myriad smaller glinting eyes nestled within the creature’s “branches.” The being stood there for a moment, possibly just as surprised as the men were, before reportedly shambling off. They would later claim that they had seen a UFO shortly afterwards, although whether this was connected to the creature or not remains unknown. Whatever this seemingly plant-based life form was, there were no further reports and it remains an enigma.

Peru was also the location of yet another odd encounter in 1965, when in the summer of that year something would be sighted that toes the line between alien and inter-dimensional being. On the evening of August 1, 1965, a 15-year-old student named Alberto San Roman Nunez was at his home in Lima taking in a load of laundry, and it may have seemed like just any other evening, but things were about to get incredibly weird very fast. He was out on the roof at the time, the day coming to a close at that moment at dusk when the day melds into night, when he apparently saw a UFO descend from the darkening sky behind him.

As the baffled witness looked on in disbelief, the craft evidently came to a rest right there on the roof with him, after which it opened and a bizarre creature descended from its bowels. The being was described as being around 3 feet tall and rather like a toad, greenish in color, and hair that was “covered with green lights,” which may have been some form of bioluminescence. The terrified Nunez perhaps wisely ran away immediately, but he would soon find himself surrounded by an angry red light. Thinking he was under attack, the student cowered there waiting for the worst, but as soon as it started the strange toad-like beast got back into its craft and took off into the night sky.

Interestingly, as the press began to report on the case Nunez would retract his report and lay low. Many began to dismiss the story as a hoax, but Nunez never really stood up to these allegations. We are left to wonder just what he may or may not have seen out there. Was this the ramblings of a disturbed individual or a real event that was either covered up or recanted by the witness himself, scared of the ridicule that may follow? If it was real, was it an alien or something altogether stranger still? Since not much has come of it since we will probably never know for sure.

This seems to have really been a year of oddness, because from Mexico there is an account from a witness named Francisco Estrada Acosta, who on February 12, 1965 had his own brush with an inscrutable entity of the truly weird kind. On this day, Acosta allegedly was out hunting along the Santiago River in the municipality of San Luis Potosi, and followed the river to a place called the San Jose Dam. It was there that he reported coming across a very tall being with “a large oval-shaped head, huge reddish, phosphorescent eyes, and a large toad-like mouth.

So far, so strange, but it really got weird when the entity allegedly reached out to Acosta with a hand that was described as being “a flipper.” The thing actually made contact with the witness, who said it was like being touched by a cold and clammy reptile, and this caused him to reel away and run off in terror. When Acosta looked back to see if the creature was chasing him he found that it had turned away, and that it sported two “wing-like protrusions” that resembled stumpy bat wings. It is unclear just what happened to the beast after that, and it certainly is unknown what this flipper-handed, reptilian winged being could have possibly been. Cryptid? Alien? Inter-dimensional interloper? Who knows? The one thing that we can probably all agree upon is that it is really quite damn strange.

Here we have looked at an assortment of some of the oddest cases of weird entities I’ve ever seen, and they all happen to have occurred in the same exact year. While it is by no means clear whether we are dealing with aliens, cryptids, or overactive imaginations and hoaxes, one possibility that is tantalizing is that these are perhaps visitors from another dimension. Considering the sheer, pure outlandishness of these entities and their often incredibly bizarre appearances that fit in with no other living thing we know of, maybe they are not only not of this world, but also not even of this reality.

Is it possible that these beings have, for whatever reason, either intentionally or not, managed to cross over through some veil that separates us from other alternate realities or universes? Have they somehow phased or punched through some thin spot in the membrane where the two converge to bump against one another, to come spilling into our own? Also, what is the significance of 1965? Why is it that all of these over the top tales originated then? Sure there are reports in every year, but this one really produced some doozies, all coming from disparate areas. Are there perhaps certain years when these dimensions come closer together, resulting in such series of sightings, perhaps some pull or cycle as with the ocean tides? Or is this all mass hysteria? At this point we simply have no idea, and we are left to simply ponder and speculate on such thoroughly weird reports.

Brent Swancer

Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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