Jun 21, 2018 I Brett Tingley

Anomalous Big Cat Spotted in North Carolina

Many areas of planet Earth are facing invasion from alien big cats. While it would be terrifyingly awesome if these anomalous felines were indeed from an unknown distant corner of outer space, the reality is likely far less interesting and far more depressing. From sightings of species thought to be extinct to eerie footage of large feline species prowling around in places they definitely shouldn’t be prowling, it’s clear something is happening in the feline world, but we don’t know what it is.

The Santer North Carolina’s Demon Cat 640x347
North Carolina is the home of several legendary "demon cat" creatures such as the Beast of Bladenboro.

The latest anomalous big cat sighting took place right here in my home state of North Carolina. Waxhaw resident Bex Lobb and her roommate were outside of their home when they heard a commotion in a nearby wooded area. Lobb and her roommate turned towards the noise expecting it to be a deer, which are fairly common this time of year, but what they saw was completely unexpected:

We heard thuds going through the forest and we thought, oh it’s a deer. I turned around and I saw the deer but wasn’t expecting this humongous black cat chasing after it. It was so big that you really couldn’t mistake it for being a black cat. Its tail was thick; its tail was as long as the cat if not longer. And I don’t know any house cats that would go chasing a doe through the forest.

Lobb posted an account of the sighting to a local Facebook community group where it attracted hundreds of comments. Another Waxhaw resident, a local historian, assured Lobb that he and his wife have also seen mysterious large cats in the area on three separate occasions.

What could this cat have been? The Eastern cougar was once native to North Carolina but is now thought to be extinct. Bobcats are native to North Carolina, but typically do not venture close to residential areas like the one in which these sightings have taken place - nor do they typically chase prey as large as deer.

Bobbie 2010 2 640x479
Plus, bobcats don't have huge tails like the anomalous cat in this latest sighting.

The most likely explanation for this and other similar sightings is that these cats have unfortunately been forced into contact with humans due to the effects of climate change and rapid urbanization. I grew up not far from the area where this sighting took place and have witnessed thousands of acres of forest paved over in the last few decades. Could all of these ‘alien’ big cat sightings merely be yet another symptom of our utter domination of and contempt for the natural world?

Brett Tingley

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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