Jun 10, 2018 I Nick Redfern

Black-Eyed Kids: Omens of Death?

Tracie Austin is a long-time friend of mine who I first met back in 1995. At the time, Tracie and I only lived about a 45-minute-drive from each other in central, rural England. As a result, we spent a lot of time traveling to UFO conferences in the U.K. and having a good time. Tracie moved to the United States a couple of years before me and now lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In the summer of 2016, Tracie invited me and David Weatherly to be on her The Tracie Austin Show. The plan was to have Tracie first interview us separately: I would be interviewed on the MIB and David on the Black-Eyed Children. And, then, there would be a round-table discussion on both phenomena, noting the undeniable links between the two. A date was soon fixed: September 22. The high-strangeness wasn’t just limited to the show, however. Tracie herself had a trio of stories of her own to relate to me concerning the Black-Eyed Children. They were, of course, as bizarre as they were disturbing. She told me:

"With me doing the show on the Black-Eyed Kids, I was reading David’s book every day before we did the show. So, it was on my mind. And it only happened the one time, but I had this dream that we had a friend over and there was a knock at the door, and the friend that came over opened the door. And I saw a black-eyed kid standing at the door; one single boy. And the friend asked him to come in, and I said 'No, no, no; you can’t let him in!' But, he wandered in, slightly. It was a kid with a hoodie and jeans; the typical kid. And I pushed him out the door and said again, 'No, you can’t let him in!' It shook me a bit when I woke up."

The skeptic might be inclined to say that because Tracie was focusing on the BEC at the time, and diligently preparing for the show, that all of the data she had digested had now spilled over into her dream-state and her subconscious. I knew that such a thing was not at all implausible. I also knew, however, that the MIB had the uncanny ability to, essentially, "invade" our dreams and turn them into absolute nightmares. Maybe, the Black-Eyed Children could do likewise, too, I considered. That was far from being the end of the story, however.

Tracie continued with what she had found out: "I have a friend named Dana; she works in timeshare, at a resort out here in Las Vegas, on the far end of the strip. She was working one day – this was in April 2016 – when she said this lady was sent over to her, with two kids: a young boy and a girl. The girl was about six or seven and the boy was about four or five. The woman was wearing dark brown pants and had long brown hair. And the reason why the woman was sent over was because Dana gave the gifting in the timeshare company. When you listen to a presentation, you’re given a gift. But, the woman said she didn’t want a gift and Dana said, 'When she looked at me and said that, I saw that she had total black eyes.' There were no whites whatsoever. And the kids were exactly the same. But, in every other sense they were completely normal; they weren’t wearing the hoodies.

"Dana commented, 'I wish I had said something, like how do you see with those eyes?' When she said that, I thought you can’t really ask them something like that. Maybe you could say, 'Wow, your eyes are beautiful.' But, maybe that’s bringing attention to something they don’t want you to know about. But, they could wear sunglasses all the time and no-one would know. So, maybe they are testing our reactions, they want their eyes to be seen. The kids were quiet; they didn’t say anything to her. Dana asked the woman how long she was going to be staying at the resort. And she said just one night and then they left.

"Dana said to me, 'I couldn’t believe it, Tracie; I saw after that that you were going to be doing a show on the Black-Eyed Kids.' She reached out to me on Facebook and said, 'I had an encounter with a Black-Eyed Woman and Black-Eyed Kids.' Then, a couple of months after encountering this woman, Dana asked me if there was some connection between seeing them and people dying, when they have an encounter with the Black-Eyed-People. Right around a month or two after her encounter, her parents – who were both in their seventies – died. They hadn’t been sick, weren’t ill. Her father had developed kidney failure, out of the blue, and then her mother developed pneumonia. She said to me: 'Tracie, this is freaking me out, as I hear [the Black-Eyed Children] can be omens of death.' I said I didn’t know, as I didn’t want to scare her."

Nick Redfern

Nick Redfern works full time as a writer, lecturer, and journalist. He writes about a wide range of unsolved mysteries, including Bigfoot, UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster, alien encounters, and government conspiracies. Nick has written 41 books, writes for Mysterious Universe and has appeared on numerous television shows on the The History Channel, National Geographic Channel and SyFy Channel.

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