Jun 10, 2018 I Paul Seaburn

Multiple Sightings and Remains of a Possible Chupacabra Found in Chile

If there are dead sheep, goats, chickens or other animals in South America that were not killed in a butcher shop or by a car … Chupacabra! If something in South America (or Central America or Texas) looks a little like a dog but not enough for positive identification … Chupacabra! Thus we have two stories from Chile – one a report of dead chickens and dogs in the central part of the country and the other a video of the remains of a strange creature found in a remote southern area. Neither has an explanation. All together now … Chupacabra!

The first report comes from Coltauco in the O'Higgins Region of central Chile where the media site La Cuarta covered the investigation in late April 2018 by Mega journalist Carlos López of mysterious attacks that left three dogs and four dozen chickens dead with wounds that showed no blood.

"The neighbors are scared, they say that it would be a beast like a kangaroo, but horrible. Its main victims are farm animals that it cuts with its sharp claws."

Lopez talked to witnesses who saw the mysterious creature and describe it as being 80 cm (2.5 feet) tall and having “sharp fangs, short arms, thin body and some legs as if he had blocks.” That sounds like the traditional Chupacabra of Puerto Rican legends which is more humanoid than doglike. Witness Maria Duque agreed.

“My brother Luis saw him and he says that he was small and with big fangs, like he had some cleats on his legs. He jumped a ditch and disappeared.”

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Fangs do not necessarily mean Chupacabra

Adding to the mystery, the descriptions of the attacks sounds more violent that typical Chupacabra stories. Duque said her dog was attacked and thrown onto the roof of her house, where she found it with fifteen cuts that weren’t bleeding. The dog was still alive but died three days later.

El Chupacabra, if that’s what this is, isn’t the only monster to have preyed on the innocent people of Coltauco. It’s also tied to Madame Gil and her magical cheese. In 2005, a Frenchwoman named Gilberte Van Erpe took on the persona of Madame Gil and set up a pyramid scheme which conned thousands of people in Coltauco – many who invested their life savings -- to buy kits to make “magic cheese” that they could allegedly sell at huge profits to French cosmetics companies for use in luxury beauty products and creams applied by rich wrinkly people and celebrities such as Michael Jackson. The pyramid eventually collapsed and Madame Gil was sentenced in 2015 to six years in prison. Now THAT’S a bloodsucker.

rat 152162 640 570x569
Hey buddy! Wanna buy some magical cheese?

Speaking of bloodsuckers, we turn to the Aysen Region in southern Chile which the YouTube site The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 claims is where a strange video was filmed. The nighttime (of course) recording (watch it here) shows someone (unnamed, of course) shining a light on the remains of something that appears to have fangs and somewhat resembles a dog, wolf or a hybrid. This appears to be the only record of the strange skeleton and, while the Daily Star thinks it looks like a dinosaur and commenters think it’s a hybrid, the site claims locals believe it’s a … all together now … Chupacabra!

Both the mysterious creature in Coltauco and the remains in the Aysen Region deserve further investigation. Meanwhile, keep the dogs and chickens indoors and stay away from anyone trying to sell you magical cheese.

Paul Seaburn

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