In the already exceedingly odd history of mysterious encounters with unexplained entities, there are sometimes some that stand out as particularly bizarre, to the point of being almost ludicrous. I have delved into this here at Mysterious Universe before, quite recently in fact, but the list of such perplexing cases remains long. Here are more cases which go beyond the merely odd to launch out into the outer fringes of the unexplained and the absurd.

Many of the weirder reports come from the United States, and a tough act to follow on the bizarro-meter is a case from 1924, in Pasco County, in the state of Florida, and which was related in 1974 by an elderly witness named Evelyn Wendt, who claimed that this had happened to her when she was a girl. She said that she had been playing outside on the grounds of St. Joseph school when she had noticed an egg shaped object nearby that glowed so intensely and brightly that she had to cover her eyes at first, but it then supposedly suddenly dimmed to reveal some sort of saucer shaped metal craft. As she stood there staring wide-eyed at the strange sight, a small door suddenly opened to disgorge a procession of rather bizarre creatures, and Wendt would say of them thus:

Little people emerged. I think they were robots. I tried to count them, but they changed about so. They were smaller than I was and resembled animated flowers with faces where the bud would be.

These truly bizarre "robotic sunflowers" were apparently hoisting a sinister looking machine of some sort, which Wendt instinctively sensed was a weapon of some kind, and which they also seemed to be setting up to aim towards the school’s science building. It was at about this time that the witness claimed the entities communicated with her telepathically, telling her that they intended to destroy the science building because there were dangerous experiments going on in there behind closed doors. Bizarrely, they then suddenly changed their minds, and began to file back into the craft as they invited their human companion to come along. She refused, but they supposedly promised to come back for her in later years. Wendt would say of what happened:

They promised to come back for me in 35 years, but that was a long time ago and nothing happened that I know of. All I can remember now is that the saucer was leaden-looking and very pockmarked. Then, when it started up, its molecules expanded and it turned silvery bright. The UFO then went straight up, hovered a minute, and disappeared from sight.

UFO researchers in later years sought to bring out any other details through hypnosis, but Wendt proved impossible to hypnotize. Bizarrely, the science building of the school at one point was destroyed by unspecified means, leading one to think that maybe the robo-flowers had come back to finish the job. What in the world was going on here? Is this just a made-up delusion or is it at all real in any sense? If it really did happen, then what were these robotic flowers and why on earth did they want to blow up a junior high school’s science building? Who knows?

Also from the U.S. is an account from the 1961, in the sleepy rural town of Rogers, Kentucky. In the summer of that year, the witness, known only as a Mrs. Quinn, was allegedly awoken one night by a strange noise, and she claimed that there had been a truly unearthly entity hovering right there next to her bed, which she described as a big black, slimy blob with no neck, a tiny round head, gigantic round eyes, and “wrinkles that glowed.” She described it as looking a bit like “a roly-poly” and “a huge tar-baby with enormous eyes.” This otherworldly being then levitated across the room towards where the woman’s daughter, Judy, was sleeping, and at the same time seemed to reach out to her telepathically, of which Judy would say:

I knew it wanted me to go somewhere. I found myself slipping off the bed. Suddenly, the thing released its strange force and it was gone.

It is difficult to say just what this very strange beast could have been, but there have been plenty of theories. For some it is a ghost or even a demon, for others its some sort of creature from an alternate dimension, while others still classify it as an extraterrestrial entity. There is no way at all to know, or indeed to even be sure that this ever happened outside of the witness’s imagination. Nevertheless, it remains a singularly bizarre report that seems to defy simple classification.

Just a few years later, in 1966, we move to the state of Oregon for an equally bizarre case. On the night of April 5, 1966, a 16-year-old witness named Kathy Reeves was allegedly walking along with her friend on a secluded dark road in the small city of Newport, Oregon, when they got the sudden, unmistakeable feeling that they were being followed and watched. The two girls assumed it was just someone messing around trying to scare them, which was made clearer when they thought they could see a dimmed flashlight beam bobbing about behind them.

They picked up their pace and even tossed rocks behind them at the unseen follower, but the feeling that someone was lurking in the darkness behind them did not abate, and when they turned around at one point what they thought had been a simple flashlight suddenly erupted into a brilliant beam of incandescent light far beyond what would be expected, which was then joined by more spears of brightness jutting from the night to converge upon them. Squinting through the glare, they claimed that they could make out a large, dome-shaped object some distance off that seemed to be wreathed in some sort of fog or smoke.

The now terrified girls began to run as fast as they could towards home, but as they did their path was blocked by three unearthly creatures the likes of nothing they had ever seen. The entities were described as being headless and armless, and as looking like mobile tree stumps that moved about on what resembled spider legs and which were dressed in some sort of multi-colored cloth. The creatures thankfully did not seem to pay too much attention to the witnesses, instead scurrying across the road to scamper off out of sight towards the inscrutable dome, which still flickered in the dark behind them.

The case attracted quite a lot of media attention at the time, and was covered in both Jim Brandon’s Weird America: A Guide to Places of Mystery in the United States, as well as Jerome Clark’s Extraordinary Encounters: An Encyclopedia of Extraterrestrials and Otherworldly Beings, but no further reports have ever been recorded of these enigmatic stump-like beings, leaving us to wonder just what they could have possibly been, if anything.

In later years we have an account from the summer of 1975, in which a junior high school science teacher in New York by the name of Tom D’Ercole allegedly had a rather violent encounter with a nebulous, wraith-like entity like no other. D’Ercole purportedly woke up one clear, sunny morning to look outside his Long Island home and see what he at first took to be a small, uncommonly dark cloud that seemed to be hovering towards his house. Things got stranger still when he noticed that it was actually going against the wind to approach his residence, and that it was actually growing in size and changing shape, and as it drew closer he could see that this was in fact no cloud at all. He would say of the strange sight:

This basketball-sized cloud floated back and forth across the peak of the roof, changing in shape from a small globular mass to a larger ovoid and finally becoming an abstract, multi-curved, dark, vaporous ‘something.’ It finally measured about six feet in height and one and a half feet in width.

This is perhaps already alarming and bizarre enough as it is, but things got even weirder still when it further metamorphosed to form a “mouth” complete with “lips,” and began to seemingly inhale, after which it spewed forth a deluge of liquid that covered the teacher and his home and then evaporated into nothingness as if it had never been there at all. D’Ercole went through great efforts to try and preserve some evidence of his odd encounter by placing his wet clothes in a sealed bag, but when analyzed it was found to be nothing but plain water. Although it is unclear what the teacher could have possibly seen, it is an intriguing account in that it comes from a reliable witness in the form of a well-respected science teacher who seems to have no reason at all to have made up such an absurd-sounding story.

More recent is an account from the state of Arizona in March of 2005. The unidentified witness claims to have had an argument with her boyfriend at their Tucson home at around 3AM in the morning, during which he left the house in a huff. Soon after, she claims that she had noticed flashing blue lights in the sky, and that she had retreated indoors to find something very surreal indeed. There in her living room were reported to be one enormous creature around 7 or 8 feet in height with a “rock head” and gelatinous, “jellyfish skin,” as well as two other similar beings that were smaller in stature, at around 5 feet tall.

The entities reportedly had jelly-like skin that could change textures and colors to perfectly blend into the scenery behind them, and furthermore they then demonstrated that they could walk through walls at will. Although there were other people in the house at the time, they were all asleep and did not witness the entities. After some time had passed of the alien creatures wandering about the home, the tall one reportedly shot the witness with a stream of liquid that solidified upon contact but seemed to have no discernible effect, before the entire contingent of beasts filed out into the night to disappear. Whatever this lady saw or thinks she saw, it is very weird to say the least.

Speaking of “Jelly Men,” there was something rather similar reported over in Spain in the summer of 1965. The tale originates in the secluded mountain village of Fragosa, not far from the border with Portugal, where a Juan Dominguez and his sister Isabel were carrying a load of peaches one day to bring home. As they walked along, they spied an indistinct tall figure lurking in the shadows near a garden wall. The two witnesses claimed that as they had drawn closer they could discern some sort of strange rattling hum emanating from the humanoid figure, and it began to pace about as if in impatience.

Despite an unsettling feeling of creepiness coming from the enigmatic being, the witnesses were drawn by curiosity to draw even closer still, and that was when they were startled to see that this was far from a human being. Instead they saw a humanoid, bipedal creature standing around 7 feet tall and with unusually long arms, but what was really unnerving was that it had a body apparently made of a translucent, gelatinous-type substance and no discernible facial features at all. The thing stood there looming over them for a moment before lunging towards them, upon which the witnesses perhaps wisely fled. What was this thing? Was it an alien, and inter-dimensional being, or what? No one knows, but it is definitely profoundly odd.

Spain incidentally has another very peculiar report from even earlier still, in 1961. In, again, the summer of that year (what is it with summer, eh?) a 29-year-old truck driver named Arquimedes Sanchez was driving along a precipitous mountain road through the Basque mountains at around 11PM, along with an unnamed companion, on their way to the town of Puerto de Barazar. As they rounded a bend, their headlights hit a bizarre and rather monstrous being standing upon an embankment nearby, which prompted the pair to stop their vehicle.

When they peered through the murk ahead of them they claim that they saw a “hairy octopus,” which stood around 4 feet tall, with glowing eyes and “tentacle-like” arms. The witnesses and the thing apparently sat there completely frozen and immobile for several minutes, both probably just as startled and scared as the other, before Sanchez snapped out of it and slammed the accelerator, which caused the weird apparition to scurry backwards away from the threat, after which Sanchez backed up and tried again, apparently intent on running it over. Interestingly, the otherworldly intruder refused to take off into the night, instead always just managing to avoid being run over, as if it were all a game. Finally the two men, neither who were willing to step out of the vehicle to investigate, drove off to leave the being behind, never to be seen again.

Keeping with blob-like masses, last we come to Cuba, with an earlier report of an unclassifiable account from near Jicotea, Las Villas, in Cuba in 1915. Guess what season it was? Yes, summer. In summer that year, two armed guards were purportedly doing a horseback patrol of a sugar cane field when they came across an off- white bundle lying across their path just as their steeds began to become agitated and panicked. The patrol first thought it was just a sack until it begin to pulsate and move like a living creature, which prompted the men to shoot at it. Far from killing the globular sack, these shots seemed to only embolden it, and it was reported as actually alarmingly getting larger with each shot.

The ever expanding sack of ooze began to lurch towards the increasingly terrified guards, gradually increasing in size until it was purportedly almost as large as the horses. The horses seem to have had had enough, bucking to throw their riders to the ground and dash off into the dark. The two guards then high tailed it out of there as fast as they could. The following morning they apparently returned to the scene and found the horses wandering about. Of the strange creature they had witnesses there was no sign.

Here we have looked at some singularly unique accounts of creatures and beings that seem to defy and elude simple classification.  Are these aliens, mystery monsters, inter-dimensional interlopers, or what? Is this cryptozoological in nature or something from some other "goblin universe," making forays into our own to baffle and scare? No one really knows, there is really not much to go on but these singularly far-out reports, and they remain some of the most outlandish cases out there.

Brent Swancer

Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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