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Buffalo TV Station Spots Two UFOs in a Week

Is Buffalo, New York, the new UFO hotspot of the U.S.? Does television station WKBW need to hire a reporter devoted to UFO sightings? Or does WKBW already have an on-the-UFO weathercaster trying to get a leg up on the competition with more accurate forecasts directly from outer space? Or is this just another ‘sweeps week’ promotion to compete with Shark Week? Whatever the reason, WKBW, ABC Channel 7 in Buffalo, has broadcast not one but two UFOs during weather reports just seven days apart. Is it time for meteorologist Autumn Lewandowski to frizz her hair and starting yelling “Aliens!”?

The first sighting occurred on June 14th during the late night news. Meteorologist Andy Parker was making his nighttime forecast when he and his viewing audience witnessed a fast-moving bright light zipping across the screen (around :07 on the video). Parker acknowledged it, wondered if it was a meteor and promised to put it on Facebook, where the comments ranged from aliens to bugs to meteors – in other words, no one, including Parker, knew exactly what they saw.

weatherman 570x760
What most TV weather reporters really see.

That would have been the end of the story … except it happened again at the same station exactly one week later. This time it was an hour earlier and the meteorologist was Autumn Lewandowski, who did viewers a favor and stopped the video before the UFO whizzed by the Skywatch7 camera on the roof. Unlike Andy, she speculated this one was a drone, since it stayed low and parallel to the ground. However, it moved too fast to identify … unlike the stationary INMO (identified non-moving object) right behind it which Autumn correctly predicts with 100 percent certainty (highly unusual for a meteorologist) that it is a planet.

Aerial photo of Buffalo NY Skyline 570x237
Buffalo as seen from a UFO

So, is Buffalo a new UFO hotspot or an old bug zapper or drone attractor? Sites like UFOStalker don’t seem to indicate that eastern Lake Erie or upstate New York have any more sightings than nearby locations. The two TV station sightings are different yet similar in that they only “kind of” look like meteors or drones. With cameras everywhere, UFO sightings SHOULD be more numerous and more easily identifiable.

And yet … they’re not. While it’s easy to poke fun (they’re meteorologists who look at the sky for a living – shouldn’t they know by now what they’re seeing?), the fact is that the skies are filling up with more objects that more cameras are recording. Those who want to believe or are convinced something is being hidden from us are being bombarded with more things to filter out. Is that intentional? Perhaps. By whom?

Maybe WKBW has its cameras pointing in the wrong direction.

Paul Seaburn

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