Jul 28, 2018 I Brett Tingley

Christian Radio Show Calls Bigfoot a ‘Demonic Virtual Reality Projection’

[Bigfoot] is real. It’s a projection. It’s a demonic virtual reality, but it’s not nuts-and-bolts, in this case, a flesh-and-blood creature.

That claim was made by Timothy J. Dailey, a Christian activist who has frequently lobbied and advocated against gay marriage on behalf of all sorts of groups with the word “family” in the title. Dailey possesses a PhD in Religion and has been a guest on Coast To Coast AM several times to discuss Biblical prophecies and what he describes as the “paranormal conspiracy.” Dailey claims that phenomena such as UFOs, cryptids, spirits, and even pop culture stalwarts like moody teenage vampires and zombies are all "beings and forces from other dimensions [who] are temporarily intersecting our universe" to feed on human fear.

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So... like psychic vampires?

Dailey’s most recent book, The Paranormal Conspiracy, discusses these anomalous phenomena and legends from a Christian perspective and “explores the counterfeit spirituality of the paranormal world” in order to expose what the author calls “the dark truth behind these tales.” While appearing on Janet Mefferd Live this week, a Christian radio show which purports to bring “good news to share with a dying culture,” Dailey said that a “demonic virtual reality is taking place” here on our physical plane in the form of paranormal entities which are all part of a conspiracy carried about by Satan himself:

It’s part of the devil’s modus operandi. He has always used this kind of phenomena to, once again destabilize, to engender fear, to open us up to the possibilities of other realities and other beings and then we begin getting involved with demonic spirits. So yeah, all through history there have been many, many different varieties of beings that are primarily spiritual beings that have terrorized civilizations and peoples and non-Christian cultures are very aware of this.

Dailey argues that Bigfoot and other elements of this “paranormal conspiracy seek to subvert and ultimately transform the rational view of the world through mysterious entities that thrive on instability, confusion, and fear.” He pointed out a Bible verse which mentions “powers of darkness that love darkness rather than light” as an explanation why most Bigfoot or other anomalies are photographed most often at night. I guess he hasn’t seen the Patterson-Gimlin film.

Of course, Dailey doesn’t acknowledge the fact that by identifying Satan as the creator of this conspiracy, he himself is transforming a rational view of the world through claiming belief in a mysterious entity which likewise thrives on instability, confusion, and fear. But hey - both pots and kettles are black, after all.

satan is in a cell phone II 570x428
I wonder how he feels about kids and those darned internets.

Of course, Dailey’s theory isn’t necessarily new, although the Christian angle offers a new take on this classic interdimensional traveler theory of the paranormal or anomalous. Our own Brent Swancer just published a piece discussing the idea that Bigfoot might be an interdimensional interloper crossing over into our metaphysical plane, a concept which pops up in paranormal studies of all kind.

While this all sounds like one more brick in the wall some religious leaders like to erect between their beliefs and anything that might challenge them, scientists are in fact uncovering more and more evidence that parallel universes or dimensions might indeed exist alongside our own. Could it be possible that many unexplained phenomena are in fact merely visitors from other dimensions or planes? Or might this just be a crackpot claim to drive waning book sales?

Brett Tingley

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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