Jul 23, 2018 I Brett Tingley

More Anomalous Big Cats Seen and Filmed Across the UK

For whatever reason, sightings of anomalous big cats continue to be documented around the world - particularly in the United Kingdom. Reports of out-of-place large felines in the British Isles date back centuries, yet still remain somewhat of a mystery. While many of these sightings have inspired legends and folktales like the Beasts of Exmoor or Bodmin Moor, the wealth of photographic and anecdotal evidence we have of these alien big cats also suggests maybe Mother Nature still might actually have some mysteries up her sleeves. Or whatever she wears on her arms. If she has arms.


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"My arms!"

Anyway, the latest UK anomalous big cat sightings come out of Hawick, Scotland and Warwickshire county, England. In Scotland, retired detective Andy Suddon, 78, of Hawick spotted a large anomalous feline earlier this week when presumably sneaking downstairs for a midnight snack. As Suddon happened to peer out of his kitchen window in the early morning hours, he saw a familiar sleek black shape moving silently through the nighttime darkness:

I was in the kitchen with the light off, and I saw a dark animal in an open bit between trees. I saw this movement and at first I thought it might be a young badger, but then I saw it didn’t have any white on it. I thought it could be a cat, but it was too big for a domestic cat. It just stood there looking at me. I stayed in the kitchen because I thought it would bolt if I went out, and I was trying to figure out what it was.

As a retired detective, Suddon is used to remembering specific details. After the sighting, he called the feline creature was completely black with no other markings, and had what he described as “a sharper face than a cat.” Suddon noted that it was larger than a normal domesticated cat and moved quite differently than a house cat does.

Farther south, a similar sighting occurred in Lye Green in Warwickshire this week. Kate Sanderson was strolling the grounds at the Ardencote Manor Hotel after visiting the spa when she spied what she believes to be a large black cat prowling the hotel’s golf course. Sanderson was even able to catch the animal on video.

Eyewitnesses described the animal as panther-like and  believed it stood nearly three feet at the shoulder. “"You don't expect that kind of shock on an evening stroll," Sanderson told The Mirror. "It was a lot bigger than a Labrador and certainly longer. All I can say is, I wouldn't want to meet it on a dark night." A spokesperson for the hotel, meanwhile, brushed the sighting off as merely a feral cat which has lived on the grounds for years. Terrifyingly giant cats are bad for business, after all.

If there are anomalous big cats somehow living in the shadows in the UK, it makes you wonder: why hasn't one been captured or killed yet? Are these just domesticated cats being misidentified due to collective obsessional behavior? Or might there still be unidentified species living right under our noses?

Brett Tingley

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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