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Naked Russian Ghosthunter May Not Be So Unusual

While the words “naked,” “Russian” and “ghosthunter” may have never appeared together in a sentence, let alone in a headline, it’s not because there’s no such things as naked ghosthunters, and there are certainly parts of Russia warm enough for nude romps through haunted places in search of voyeuristic poltergeists. Like Rostov-on-Don, where a naked man claimed he was ghostbusting in the buff. Wait, what?

“I am a paranormalist.”

That’s the response to “What happened?” from an unnamed and unclothed man captured on video (see it here) as he crawled through a metal gate in Rostov-on-Don, a city in far southwestern Russia which recently hosted five World Cup matches. Did the man lose his shirt (and everything else) on a football bet? The naked man asked for help but, not surprisingly, the person recording him was more interested in getting a viral video … and told him they didn’t have a key anyway.

No nudity — we’re a family site.

Was the man covering up for his uncovered skin by claiming he was a “paranormalist”? Believe it or not, it’s entire possible he was telling the truth. In 2014, the Discovery Channel show “Naked and Afraid” – where a male and a female spend 21 days in the wilderness naked – was so popular that a Los Angeles casting agent was reportedly looking for people to appear in a spinoff called “Naked In The Paranormal” where (if you need help figuring this out, you haven’t been watching enough reality TV) ghosthunters would hunt ghosts in the nude. Of course, “all private parts will be blurred out when the show airs.” If you’d like to see what this would look like, the Travel Channel produced a segment showing an alleged naked ghost hunt (see it here).

Unfortunately (or maybe not – have you seen some of these ghost hunters?), the show never made it to the air. While the casting agent (Chrissy Glickman) claimed that she knew of actual naked ghosthunters, a Google search didn’t turn up any of them – real, porn or otherwise. However, it did turn up some information on naked ghosts. The website Week in Weird did an extensive article in 2011 on sightings of naked ghosts, including “Diana of the Dunes,” the ghost of Lake Michigan skinny dipper Alice Mabel, and the ghost of a naked Roman soldier often seen roaming around the Roman Baths in Bath, England. And then there was a movie in 2017 called the “Legend of the Naked Ghost.”

Was the naked Russian man trying to squeeze through the fence bars really a nude paranormalist? We’ll probably never know … unless Russian television develops a nude paranormal reality show called Ghostbuster Boris in the Buff.


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