Jul 31, 2018 I Paul Seaburn

UFOs Over West Virginia Town Remind Many of Mothman

Has the legendary Mothman returned to West Virginia? One might think so with the amount of attention being given to photographs taken in Crum, West Virginia, less than two hours from Point Pleasant, which show an unidentified flying object that could (and apparently do) appear to some to be a flying winged humanoid similar to Mothman. Is it the real deal? Why has one photo gotten so much attention when a similar flying humanoid picture just a few weeks earlier in the same city seems to be ignored? Is Crum becoming a new Mothman or UFO hotspot in West Virginia?

“Was cutting grass in my yard today. Saw a really pretty cloud. Took two pictures of the cloud. Didn’t see anything but the cloud when I was taking the pictures! Afterwards when I noticed the strange black object in both of the pictures!”

That’s the report to MUFON accompanying two photos (see them on MUFON here (upper left, top of cloud) and here (closeup)) taken on the evening of July 25, 2018. The magnified version looks more like an object than a flying humanoid, prompting comments on some sites showing it that it resembles a ship, a kite, a drone or a balloon. On the flying humanoid side, there’s suggestions of Mothman or a human in a flying suit, glider wing or parachute.

800px Flying Crane 570x380
Easy to identify close up and in daylight, but can it be mistaken for Mothman at night?

“I was taking pictures of the clouds and sunset in Crum West Virginia around 5:30 pm June 15, 2018. At the time of the photo there was no birds of any kind flying. I didn’t even notice it until later when I was checking my photos. I took dozens of photos that day. And this was the only image with this strange dark looking object in it.”

This photo (see it here) looks more like a flying human but could also be a large bird or a camera anomaly, especially since it reportedly only appeared in one of a series of photos. That could explain why it hasn’t received as much attention as the later photograph.

Why Crum? The southwestern West Virginia town is tiny (population around 182), close to the borders of Ohio and Kentucky and about 100 miles from Point Pleasant. Prior this, its claim to fame is “Crum: The Novel,” a fictional account of life in Crum written by a former resident (Lee Maynard) who was accused of basing it too closely on real people.

hang glider stormy clouds sunset smoke flare sun danger 566933d  570x380
Easy to identify close up and in daylight, but can it be mistaken for Mothman at night?

The speculations that these photos might be humans in flying suits or parachutes comes on the heels of an article by Nick Redfern in Mysterious Universe which details how some people believed at least some of the 1966 Point Pleasant Mothman sightings were actually Green Beret parachutists wearing luminous paint in secret training exercises before being sent to Vietnam. Parachuting, parasailing, personal gliders, jet wings and jet packs have come a long way since 1966. Could these new sightings in Crum be something similar?

Crum residents would be wise to keep their eyes on the skies if they want to prove that Mothman or some other flying entity has moved in and they want to capture it, get rid of it or turn it into an annual festival.

Paul Seaburn

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