Jul 16, 2018 I Paul Seaburn

Yowie Hunter Attacked by Hairy Ape Man is Jailed for Attacking Human

The “Yowie” is often described as Australia’s version of Sasquatch and Yeti – a 6-to-12-foot tall hairy humanoid roaming the outback and starring in both modern tales and Aboriginal Australian legends. A famous Yowie hunter who claims to have had multiple encounters, including being attacked twice by Yowies, has recently met a similar creature he couldn’t defeat – a real human whose charges that he assaulted him have been held up in court. Is jail the only place safe from a Yowie?

Dean Harrison is a well-known Australian cryptozoologist and Yowie hunter who claims he was attacked twice by the legendary Australian cryptid. In an article in news.com.au, he describes the first attack in 1997 in Ormeau, a suburb of the City of Gold Coast, Queensland.

“I nearly got taken down by one at Ormeau in 1997 and that was really scary. It was only by the grace of God that I survived. I made a phone call at 11pm in a clearing before going into the bush and if I hadn’t I wouldn’t be here today. This thing really meant business.”

Harrison says that the Yowie is dangerous because it can see in pitch blackness, allowing this one to chase him at full speed in rough and rocky terrain. The same was true in 2009 when he claims he was attacked again in Kilkivan, a town in the Gympie Region of Queensland.

“But the crunchier was in 2009 at Kilkivan and if a few guys weren’t there to rescue me I wouldn’t be here. That took a good eight months to get over.”

Yowie statue Kilcoy Queensland 570x760
Yowie statue in Kilcoy

Harrison believes that many human disappearances in the bush are due to Yowie attacks. However, one person in Australia blames his own attack not on a Yowie but on a Yowie hunter.

In reports by the Gold Coast Bulletin and the Daily Mail, Harrison claimed to have been bothered by a neighbor’s barking dogs earlier this year in his hometown of Gold Coast. The dogs’ owner claims he came to Harrison’s house with his mother in January where a peaceful conversation about the situation suddenly turned ugly as Harrison punched the victim seven times, knocking him unconscious. Fortunately for the victim, the event was recorded on closed-circuit TV.

doodle barking 2965983 640 570x379
Would things have turned out differently if the dogs were barking at a Yowie?

Harrison apologized in writing to the victim but the video contained enough evidence that last week he pleaded guilty to assault occasioning bodily harm. The court sentenced him to 12 months in prison, wholly suspended for two years, and ordered him to pay a $2,000 compensation fee to the victim.

So, Harrison did the right thing -- admitted his guilt and paid his restitution, but the question remains … why did he lash out in the first place? He claimed he was stressed by problems his teen daughter was going through, but could it be stress from chasing an aggressive giant hairy man? Or stress from defending his activities and research from disbelievers? Should other cryptozoologists be concerned about similar stresses and/or signs of aggression due to their chosen career?

Let’s hope Dean Harrison has learned his lesson and deals with his other demons so he can finally find some solid evidence and a clear video of the one he‘s chasing.

Paul Seaburn

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