One type of very unusual phenomenon that seems to span the disparate worlds of ghosts, aliens, and cryptozoology is that of enigmatic, often utterly perplexing humanoid creatures of all types. These beings can take a wide range of sizes and shapes, but they all have some things in common in that they are more or less human-like in basic form, and they all lie well-out in the fringe of the weird. Mysterious reports of encounters with bizarre humanoid entities come in from all over the world, from people of all walks of life, and the nation of Japan also has its fair share of such tales. Here are some of the oddest of recent times.

In November of 2015 there was a rather odd encounter with some sort of unidentified humanoid just outside the beautiful historic former capital city Kyoto, known for its numerous traditional temples and ancient shrines. According to Cryptozoology News, 36-year-old teacher Toriki Watanabe had a rather surreal experience as he was driving from Tokyo to Kyoto for his brother’s wedding. At around 10 PM, he claims he stopped at a small roadside shop and stepped outside to have a cigarette before hitting the road again. The surrounding area was said to be forested, and as he had his cigarette and admired the view he says he noticed something quite odd in the form of a slouched humanoid figure lurking off in the brush around 200 feet away.

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Kyoto, Japan

Whatever it was moved in a distinctly odd way, and as Watanabe looked on he could begin to make out some of its features and came to the conclusion that this was no person at all. It was described as being wiry and slightly muscular, and around 6 feet tall, with a bent over posture and covered in grey skin. No clothing was visible, and as it walked it remained hunched over, with its unnaturally long arms dragging along the ground. Although the witness could not see the thing’s face clearly, he did notice the strange detail that it seemed to emit a “faint yellow or white light coming from behind it just around its lower back.” The startled man called out to it but it did not respond, and he stared after it as whatever it was meandered off into the forest.

Although it is hard to tell what this bizarre entity could have possibly been, Watanabe has had his own thought, suggesting it was an actual specimen of a type of folkloric creature known as a shirime. This creature was said to be a mischievous, impish thing that liked to scare travelers in the region around Kyoto. Very bizarrely, the creature is depicted in folklore as having a huge glittering eye where its anus should be, and indeed “shirime” literally means “buttocks eye.” Too bad the witness couldn’t see an eye back there, leaving us to speculate as to whether this was an anus-eyed mythical creature, an alien, an interdimensional traveler, or just a weird looking naked guy running around in the woods. Whatever it was, it is a weird report to be sure.

Kyoto has in later years been the location for other similarly strange sightings as well. In 2016, a woman living on the outskirts of the city claims that she was startled when she heard her normally quiet dog start barking uncontrollably. Wondering what was going on, she claims to have looked outside to see the animal cowering against a fence, smashing up against it as hard as it could, as if trying to push itself through the barrier and away from something there in the yard with it. When the woman looked to see what it was so afraid of she was met with the site of a skinny, grey-skinned creature hunched over the dog’s food bowl, apparently eating the contents with relish and ignoring the barks and whines of the dog nearby. She says that the odd creature was humanoid, but grey and hairless, very thin and sinewy “like a greyhound,” and with long arms that ended into tiny clawed hands. At first she could not make out its face as it was concentrating on eating, but then it seemed to sense it was being watched and whipped its head up to look straight at her in surprise. She would say of its face and what happened next thus:

It had a small, triangular face with huge, yellow eyes that took up most of its face and seemed to faintly glow. The ears were small and pointed. As it licked its lips I could see that it had sharp, jagged teeth. It looked at me for a second with sort of a startled expression, and then it leapt right over the fence in a single bound.

What was this being and why did it want that dog food so much? Who knows? Even more recently is a report from the same city from March of 2018, and involves an out-of-town tourist who was staying in Kyoto at a place he had found on Airbnb. On the evening of March 11, he claims that he had been on his way back to his place at around 11:40 PM and as he passed a darkened shrine there were two bizarre creatures that jumped over the wall right in from of him, seemingly coming from the shrine’s courtyard. At first he thought them to be children, but as he approached he could see that they were something altogether different. The creatures were described as being 3 to 4 feet tall, with bodies that were “as white as snow,” long, thin arms and legs, and heads with pointy ears and large, triangular black eyes. When they saw the witness the beings seemed startled, and began to run away. The witness has said to MUFON:

They ran with arms behind them. They went behind a corner of a wall. As I walked towards there, one of them looked back at me and made eye contact. I was feeling terrified. I didn’t want to get too close. I lost sight of them as they turned a corner.

What could these diminutive creatures have been? While the exact origins of these particular creatures are unclear, another strange and rather frightening humanoid report from another area of Japan seems to suggest bizarre creatures which can only be described as aliens. On February 23, 1975, two 7-year-old boys named Masato Kawano and Katsuhiro Yamahata, were out roller skating in the early evening hours in Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture, when they claim that they saw in the sky a pair of luminous orange lights that flickered and made a strange “ticking sound.” As they looked on in amazement, one of the lights apparently moved off towards the distant mountains, while the other started to descend towards the ground nearby.

The boys claimed that they went off to investigate, and saw the strange craft come down to rest in a small vineyard behind an old, abandoned estate. The craft was described as being a domed disc around 15 feet in diameter and 7 feet high, which rested upon three ball-shaped legs. The surface of the strange object was silver-colored, and appeared to have characters or letters of some sort etched upon it. The loud ticking sound of the craft was very pronounced as they drew closer, sounding somewhat reminiscent of a Geiger counter. As the two boys pondered what they were seeing, a hatch purportedly opened on the side out of nowhere and a ladder extended towards the ground, after which a strange looking being climbed out.

The creature stood around 4 feet tall, and was wearing a reflective silver suit of some sort. The being’s skin was allegedly a dark brown in color, and it was covered with thick wrinkles that were so pronounced as to make most of its facial features indiscernible, save for two pointed ears and prominent and intimidating 2-inch long silver fangs that jutted out from the folds of where its mouth might be. In its hands it held some sort of device whose purpose could not be fathomed, but which looked somewhat like “a rifle.” Another of the creatures could be seen sitting within the craft huddled over some sort of flickering control panel. Whatever it was seemed to have completely ignored the two young boys standing there gawking at it as it proceeded to carefully examine the surrounding terrain. After a few moments of this it suddenly seemed to become aware of the boys, after which it approached them and patted one of them, Yamahata, twice on the shoulder while issuing a sound that sounded like “a tape recorder running backwards.”

Upon being tapped, Yamahata allegedly slumped to the ground and was unable to move, paralyzed by some inscrutable force. This pushed Kawano into action, and he quickly scooped his friend up onto his shoulders and ran from the area as fast as his legs could carry him. When he got home, Yamahata came to, and they supposedly told their parents what had happened, who would grudgingly follow the boys out to the estate outside to see the strange orange light climbing up into the sky for themselves. The light would then emit a burst of blinding light and vanish. Later, school officials would descend upon the area in daylight to examine the site, and would allegedly find two sturdy concrete posts that had been pushed over by some powerful force, as well as a ring pattern etched into the ground nearby. Authorities of the Civil Aviation Bureau of Transportation Ministry would later get wind of the story and dismiss the lights as merely from normal aircraft in the area. No word on what they thought the fanged humanoid could have been.

Another account from the same area was related to me that seems to involve some sort of gnome-like creatures that are really hard to classify. The witness says that this happened in the summer of 2011, out in the wilds of Yamanashi prefecture. The man claims that he had been hiking out along a remote trail in the middle of nowhere when he heard what sounded like singing coming from somewhere up ahead. It seemed odd, as this was a rarely used trail and he had not passed anyone or seen anyone out all day. He stood and listened and the ethereal singing continued, the voices high-pitched like those of children.

Curious, the witness continued on his path and the singing got louder, and he slowed down and quietly approached what seemed to be the source, which was a forest clearing up ahead. As he peeked through the brush into the clearing he could now see the origins of the singing, which were no children. He explained that there were 7 to 10 tiny beings in the clearing, measuring only about 2 or 3 feet in height and wearing what looked like some sort of whites robes. The faces seemed to be a bright red in color, and they were all dancing about and singing in some language the man could not understand. Most bizarrely of all, they were making huge, lofty bounds about the clearing, gracefully arching up into the air to come floating down, as if they were defying gravity somehow.

The witness claims that at some point they realized they were being watched and abruptly stopped their singing, dancing, and bounding about. At this point they all turned in unison and stared at the intruder, and he could see that their red faces held smallish beady black eyes, large noses, and that they had tiny mouths without expression. For a moment they merely stared at each other, and the witness said he could feel a certain feeling of dread and foreboding, as if he was not supposed to be there, and described the sense he got from the entities as somewhat malevolent. Then, without a sound the creatures suddenly and silently dispersed into the surrounding forest, totally without sound and without so much as a snap of a twig or rustle of branches. It is a confounding report that defies any easy classification, and one wonders just what in the world these entities could have possibly been.

This sense of bafflement is a common thread running through all of these reports, and we are left to speculate on what the nature of any of these perplexing beings could have been. Considering their unearthly humanoid nature, it seems unlikely that any of these things could have been any sort of undiscovered cryptid in the wilds of Japan. Could they have been spirits of some sort? Were they visitors from another world? One possibility is that they could have been visitors from some other dimension, so-called “ultra-terrestrials,” who have for whatever reasons managed to somehow punch through into our reality. Is that what these were? It is curious to note that in some cases the creatures have seemed to be just as surprised as the witnesses, as if they are baffled as to how they could be seen. What possible significance does this have, if any? These are questions we are likely to be left without the answers to, and these reports serve to merely add to the very bizarre literature on strange humanoid sightings reported from all over the world.

Brent Swancer

Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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