Aug 21, 2018 I Paul Seaburn

Germany Has No Plans to Deal With Space Alien Attack

The movie “Independence Day” highlighted the importance of countries have a plan for dealing with the arrival of alien spacecrafts. While the talk of a “Space Force” in the U.S. indicates that we’re at least talking about it (and likely have something already in place behind the scenes), what about other countries? While the Swiss are always ready with their knives, what about their neighbors in Germany? Germans may be getting a little nervous after a question asked of a lawmaker about their country's space alien preparedness program generated the wrong answer.

“Not the German Federal Government. It confirms in writing (pdf document) that on the part of the Federal Government and its subordinate authorities there are no plans or protocols for a possible first contact with extraterrestrial life, because they "on the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany according to current scientific knowledge for extreme unlikely holds ".”


Dieter Janecek, Green Party leader and a member of the German Parliament since 2013, revealed that answer to his questions to the government about its plans for close encounters of any kind with an alien species.

“Aliens so far obviously have no role in international diplomacy.”

Of course, the government is referring to “space” aliens and points out that climate change and other problems on Earth deserve more of its and other world organizations’ attention. But … no plans at all in this era when some polls indicate that half of all Americans and Western Europeans believe Earth has already been visited by alien species?

Perhaps this is a distraction. After all, Germany has a rich history of stories of Nazi flying saucers, secret UFO bases, foo fighters, rocketry development and the rumors that all of these technologies came from reverse-engineering crashed alien spaceships.

Does Germany already have a Space Force? Is the U.S. playing catch up? Or is this one of those areas where there is secret cooperation behind the scenes to avoid international panic over a possible alien encounter – friendly or worse than any Independence Day sequel?

When will fictional alien encounters become reality? The Little Prince, one of the most famous fictional alien contacts, has just been translated into Klingon. For whom?

Paul Seaburn

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