Aug 08, 2018 I Paul Seaburn

Ghost Sightings Increase Tied to Climate Change

Are ghosts affected by climate change? Are ghostly cold spots their way of keeping the Earth at an optimal low temperature for their stay until they’re able to move on? Could ghosts even be the cause of climate change, or at least the unusually hot weather we’ve been having lately? Those questions and more are being pondered by British paranormal investigator Gary Parsons, who noticed he’s been getting a lot more calls ever since his country’s recent heatwave. Is there a link?

“We have received a major spike in the number of calls during June and July, with people reporting scary supernatural phenomena. One couple almost afraid to go into their own home because of poltergeists, and residual energies making things move.”

Gary runs the Plymouth Paranormal Investigators (PPI) in Devon and says temperatures this summer are averaging in the mid 80s F (30s C) over the past six weeks with a peak at 95 F (35 C). That’s pretty hot for anywhere, but especially England, where so many buildings are old and lack air conditioning. They’re probably dying for a cold breeze. So why are they complaining about a cold breeze from the spirit of someone who’s already through dying?

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Is it hot in here?

Most people associate ghosts with mysterious cold spots, cold drafts or cold winds in a building or outdoors. One popular theory on the cause of these cold spots is that ghosts are a form or energy and need more energy to exist, so they pull that energy from the air around them in the form of heat. This, of course (if you stayed awake in science class) violates the energy balance known as the Second Law of Thermodynamics. To get around this, you have to consider ghosts to be something not of this universe, allowing them to violate our universal laws.

Could these ghost calls to the Plymouth Paranormal Investigators be caused by a temperature increase due to climate change? Hot temperatures make hot air and hot air rises, leaving cold air and cold spots behind. Hot houses without A/C means more windows and doors open and more fans running, creating unexpected cool areas. Heat causes many materials to expand, which can cause surfaces to become unstable and tip over other hot objects that are also expanding and contracting. All of that gives a plausible, somewhat scientific explanation to cold spots and strange physical movements that could be attributed to ghosts.

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Or … it could be spirits coming back to do what they couldn’t when they were alive – convince others that climate change is real and causing serious problems. Perhaps these are spirits of people whose deaths were caused directly or indirectly by the heat wave.

Gary Parsons believes his paranormal ghost business is booming this summer due to unusually high temperatures. Are those temperatures due to climate change? Is this happening in pother parts of the world? If the powers that be don’t listen to scientists or experts, will they listen to ghosts? Did Scrooge?

How did that turn out?

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