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It’s a Trend — Another Woman Admits to Having Sex With a Ghost

Guys, it may be time to start worrying … or change your behavior … or both. Just days after a woman in England confirmed she’s had sex with over 20 ghosts but has finally settled on the one she wants to have ghost babies with, another revealed that sex with a ghost has helped her overcome a tragedy in her life … one that’s linked to the ghost. Is ghost sex becoming a trend? Do we need a social media site for it? Facespook? (Sorry, Zuckerberg, that one’s mine.)

“I get some good sensations.”

Brian Wilson may want to change the words to one of his greatest hits if this ghost sex phenomenon is really taking off. A woman named Simone (no last name – ghosts already know who she is but she may be worried about creepy guys in sheets) revealed to Jono Pryor and Sharyn Casey, hosts of an afternoon radio show on New Zealand’s The Edge radio station, that she is “definitely sure” that the spirit giving her “good sensations” is the ghost of her longtime boyfriend who passed away.

“But yeah, he still visits me every now and then and lets me finish, I suppose.”

That sounds a bit nonchalant for a story that has such spiritual and romantic potential … if it’s true. Spectrophilia is a recognized fetish involving a sexual attraction to ghosts or sexual arousal from images of ghosts. (Is there a place to see these images? The Playboo Channel? (Is the late Hugh Hefner in on this?) It’s also a popular folklore and entertainment subject – the medieval Succubus and Incubus demons, Rosemary’s Baby. Celebrities claiming to have had ghost sex include the late Anna Nicole Smith (“A ghost would crawl up my leg and have sex with me at an apartment a long time ago in Texas.”) and Ke$ha (“I had a couple of experiences with the supernatural. I don’t know his name! He was a ghost! I’m very open to it.”).

While most investigators and psychologists claim to have seen no evidence of ghostly sexual encounters (what exactly are they looking for?) and blame hallucinations or sleep paralysis, the stories seem to be increasing. Is it a sign of our sexually challenging, confusing and conflicting times? Are these women really having ghost encounters of the bed kind? Are men having them too or are female ghosts finding their own methods of satisfaction?

Whatever the case, Simone seems to be dealing with her grief … and who are we to say whether it’s real or imagined? She’s not a ghost-hound like the other woman who claims she’s finally settled down. Then again … who are we to judge?

Is it time to start a crowdfunding for Facespook?


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