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Mysterious Green Fireball Coincides with Yowie Sighting in Australia

Australia’s most infamous ape-man was reportedly seen in Queensland this week, and the timing of the sighting coincided with another infamously anomalous event. Could the two be related?

On Monday, July 30, Katrina Ayers was driving north of Roma on the Carnarvon Highway, taking her time to avoid hitting kangaroos which happened to be in the road. While cruising at a slow, safe speed, Ayers spotted what she thought was a large rock by the side of the road. As she got closer, she reports, the “rock” stood up, revealing itself to be a large hairy humanoid creature standing over a kangaroo carcass. Ayers estimates the beast stood roughly 152 centimeters (5 feet) tall and described its hair as auburn-colored. Ayers shared the sighting with the Australian Yowie Research group, which posted Ayers’ description of the incident to their Facebook page.

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Has Yowie developed a taste for kangaroo meat?

While a single eyewitness’ testimony usually isn’t noteworthy, the timing of the Yowie sighting may add a bit of weirdness to this incident. On the same day as this reported Yowie encounter, numerous eyewitnesses reported a strange object streaking luminously across the Queensland sky leaving a trail of green fire behind it. Some witnesses reported the fireball as a “big bright white and yellow ball with an amazing tail of blue green orange and white assumingly burning gases,” descriptions which would seem to imply a meteor or asteroid burning up in the atmosphere.

taurid2 570x290
Green fireballs are a common subject of UFO reports.

Others, however, described the unidentified aerial phenomenon as a “dark rectangular object” leaving a “jet flame” in its wake. One onlooker even described the object as “like nothing he had seen before” and moving in ways which implied “advanced technology due to its maneuverability.” UCLA astronomer Ian MacLean, meanwhile, assured the Queensland public “with 99.99 per cent certainty" that it was merely an Aquarian or Capricornian meteor shower. However, reports of green fireballs are a common theme in UFO research, and the US military even took an interest in them at the height of the flying saucer era, finally concluding that the phenomena are likely man-made. Could this 'meteor' have been something else?

australia 570x448
The US Air Force established a research project, code name Project Twinkle, to investigate green fireballs in the 1950s.

The timing of the two incidents is strange. Has Yowie upgraded its methods of transportation? Could the aboriginal ape-man actually be a kangaroo-hungry extraterrestrial stopping by for a mid-summer snack and freaking people out with his odd green spacecraft? Or could one woman's misidentification of a kangaroo in mourning merely have coincided with a not-too-rare astronomical event?

Brett Tingley

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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