Aug 18, 2018 I Brett Tingley

Mysterious, Massive Structure Spotted in China’s Gobi Desert

Armchair explorers poring over Google Maps have once again claimed to have found evidence of secret bases hiding in barren locations. At least it’s not Antarctica again this time. YouTube channel thirdphaseofmoon posted a video this week claiming to have discovered “China’s Area 51” in a remote part of the Gobi Desert. Is this definitive proof of, well, anything?

As always, it’s hard to say from Google Maps images alone. The images do appear to show some sort of military installation, airport, or even space base, but whether or not there is anything nefarious or mysterious going on is unknown. The Chinese government is notoriously tight-lipped about its activities, particularly where defense is concerned, after all.

chinese coffin 570x294
The ChiComs even often fabricate death tolls after natural disasters to avoid criticism of their public safety standards.

The images depict several structures spread out over a vast area of the desert. One of them appears to consist of two x-shaped landing strips flanked by a series of buildings, one of which appears to have suffered a major fire. There are no aircraft on the landing strips in Google Maps’ satellite images.

Another structure is far stranger. It appears to be a series of concentric rings made up of dark objects, at the center of which sit three aircraft. Some commenters online have likened the structure to Stonehenge. The true purpose of this structure is unknown, but I would guess it’s likely an arena for testing anti-aircraft munitions.

CRWarheadTest 640x498
A munitions testing arena.

Naturally, being a conspiracy theory YouTube channel, thirdphaseofmoon speculates these structures are “some kind of secret space program that is being hidden in the Gobi Desert in an abandoned airport of some sort” and wonders where are the people inhabiting this area went. In all likelihood, this is merely a military installation used for aircraft and weapons testing, one which likely wouldn’t be used every day. Still, given that other secret Chinese space bases have been spotted, there’s no telling what might be possible for China’s “Area 51.” War in space is coming, readers. 

Brett Tingley

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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