Aug 23, 2018 I Brett Tingley

NUFORC Director Says UFO Reports in Decline, May Be Being ‘Intercepted’

For whatever reason, UFO reports seem to be declining. That’s at least according to data released by the U.S.-based National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC). NUFORC recently published data showing that after steady increases in reported sightings for several decades, sightings began to sharply decline in 2014. That alone should raise some eyebrows, as the recent explosion of drone aircraft worldwide should have likely increased UFO sightings. What’s behind this sudden decline in UFO sightings? According to NUFORC founder and director Peter Davenport, reports of sightings are possibly being intercepted by government agencies or other shadowy groups which seek to conceal the truth. Is there a conspiracy afoot to suppress UFO reports, or has the public at large merely grown bored with UFOs?

Vatican Secret Archives
Who knows the extent of what knowledge has been suppressed over the years?

As all things UFO-related, it’s difficult to say. A decline in reports doesn’t necessarily mean a decline in sightings or incidents, it just means that for whatever reason, the reports aren’t coming in to NUFORC like they used to. Speaking to Business Insider about the slump in reports, Davenport is careful to toe the line, stating that while there could be perfectly benign reasons for this decline, it may also be that something more nefarious is going on behind the scenes:

The significant decrease in the number of reports has baffled everyone investigating within the UFO field. They see the same trend and they're all confused by it. It could just be that there are fewer and fewer incidents, but it's also possible that reports to UFO organisations are being intercepted electronically. Who would do something like that is a mystery, but if it's happening, my first suspicion would be government organisations. It's quite risky for a government to do that, but you can't rule it out, I think.

Might there be something sinister going on behind the scenes in order to squash UFO reports before they’re filed? There have been what seem like hints of official disclosure coming out of the Pentagon over the last few years - although many have their doubts about all of this allegedly “declassified” information. Are these so-called disclosures merely another smokescreen?

It’s difficult what to make of this decline in reports. Without much concrete evidence to go on (that we know of), it could be said on one hand that the UFO phenomenon is an entirely social construction, a narrative or myth which pervades our culture and reflects our attitudes and beliefs about our skies and what goes on in them, the universe, and the question of whether or not we’re alone in the black vacuum of space. Thus, a decline in UFO sightings could be said to merely reflect changing societal attitudes towards the UFO phenomenon; a decline in reports could signal a decline in belief of UFOs itself.

ufo 1784349 640 640x360
If UFO sightings aren't a cultural phemomenon, why are they so frequently saucer-shaped or black triangles?

On the other hand, with countless sightings throughout history on nearly every corner of the globe, it’s hard to say that there’s not something going on over our heads we can’t explain. Are witnesses going straight to social media and bypassing NUFORC and other organizations, or might someone be actively attempting to suppress UFO reports?

Brett Tingley

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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