Sep 26, 2018 I Brett Tingley

Mysterious Unidentified Hypersonic Aircraft Caught on Video in China

Over the last few years, unexplained ground-shaking booms have become commonplace around the world, and nobody has yet to offer a definitive explanation for them. At the same time, world superpowers have been testing new experimental hypersonic aircraft capable of flying at speeds up to ten times higher than the sound barrier. Could the two be related?

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Hypersonic weapons will change warfare forever just as stealth technology did.

I’m going with yes. The fact that They have yet to offer an official explanation for the many unexplained booms tells me that they’re likely sonic booms related to experimental, top-secret aircraft. I’m a subscriber to the theory that the entire UFO phenomenon could have quite possibly been started in the 20th century by the superpowers as a means of distracting from what’s really going on in the skies over our heads. If that theory is indeed true, then the many recent disclosures of secret Pentagon research programs could likely be cover for tests of these new unprecedented hypersonic aircraft and other experimental unmanned technologies. Do we really know what’s flying around up there?

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I'm going with 'no.'

A video which surfaced online this week adds to my suspicion that mystery booms, the Pentagon disclosures, and the recent decline in UFO reports are all tied into a new aerial arms race. This one comes thanks to the ever-vigilant Tyler Rogoway over at The War Zone who found a video on Twitter depicting a high-altitude balloon drop of what appears to be three unidentified hypersonic aircraft being tested in northwestern China. Rogoway points out that details about the video are scarce, including when it might have been taken, but the video clearly shows three gliders being launched into the sky beneath a balloon.

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The Chinese military has been developing its own hypersonic weapons for some time.

To add to this mystery, strange objects and mystery devices have been falling from the sky near China’s western borders lately. Are these related to the aircraft tests caught on video? On a broader note, do all of these developments signal that we’re in the midst of some type of new space race or, I don't know, sky race to be the first to implement hypersonic weapons capable of penetrating even the most protected airspace? It’s highly likely.

Brett Tingley

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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