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Psychic Cat for Sale in Russia

Does your cat seem to know when you’re heading to the kitchen to open a can of food for it instead of for yourself? Does it stare at one spot for a long time as if something invisible is there? Does it ever make you uncomfortable … other than when its litter box needs changing? Hold on to your ball of yarn … that kitty could be worth $73,000! That’s how much a man in Russia is asking for his feline that he claims has psychic powers far beyond those of normal cats. Who would pay that price? If that cat knows who will win the Super Bowl and can scratch the team's name in the dirt, it’s worth every penny.

Before you head to the nearest bank to convert your life savings to rubles ($73,000 = 5 million rubles), you may want to get the details on this particular cat’s psychic abilities. According to Russian media, the feline’s name is Sibgeo and he’s a four-year-old British cat – which probably means he’s a British shorthair, a breed that can live to age 20 and is more known for its docile disposition and proclivity to be trained than for any psychic talents. Sibgeo and his owner live in the city of Kemerovo in southern Russia and that’s where his psychic abilities began to emerge.

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Not Sibgeo but another British shorthair trying to predict when its owner will open the tuna can

Vladimir, the first-name-only-please owner, may not be well loved by his normally friendly cat. While still a kitten, Sibgeo was allegedly trapped in a house fire and nearly died from carbon monoxide poisoning. So he knows not to let Vladimir lock him inside without snuffing the candles, but that doesn’t make him psychic – just self-preserving. Vladimir had to move from his country home to Kemerovo and Sibgeo is apparently not too happy there. Perhaps feeling guilty about the carbon monoxide incident, Vladimir took Sibgeo to look for a new home … and that’s when his talent emerged.

Did Sibgeo see a World Cup match on TV and pick the winner? Not quite. Vladimir says the cat refused to go into one home and, when has asked neighbors if there was anything strange about it, they said the elderly woman living there was a “bad person.”

Is that worth $73,000? Probably not, but it sounds like Vladimir is fed up with finicky Sibgeo, so he took out a “cat for sale to good owner living in the country” ad on the website and embellished it with phrases like “psychic cat” and “[sees] ghosts and spirits” and “[feels] evil or good forces.” Is THAT worth $73,000?

Well, the same Russian media site claims another psychic cat (is there something strange in Russian milk?) sold last year for $73,000/5 million rubles, so Vlad figured that was a good starting point, especially since the owner of that cat said he was 800 years old and Sibgeo is only four.

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Ad from

Are there really psychic animals and, unless they can consistently pick World Cup or Super Bowl winners, are any of them worth even $730? Again, Russia seems to have an abundance of animal sports psychics, with a blind cat, a tapir in Limpopo zoo, a lemur in Yekaterinburg, a goat in Samara, an otter in Sochi and a bear all having some success during the 2018 World Cup. Outside of football (world and American), the most well-known-but-not-scientifically-proven animal psychic ability is predicting earthquakes.

Again, is the ability to detect “bad” old ladies worth 5 million rubles? Maybe … if you’re an elderly Russian man who’s still dating (and perhaps into that sort of person). Otherwise, let’s hope Vladimir does the right thing and finds a good home in the country for Sibgeo … one with nice young neighbors.

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