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Shag Harbour UFO Museum Mysteriously Vandalized

This is either another reason why we can’t have nice things … or a sign that those Canadians who seem to friendly to everyone on Earth may not feel the same way about extraterrestrials. The Shag Harbour Incident Society UFO Interpretative Centre (winner of the unofficial Longest UFO Museum Name award) was vandalized recently and the miscreants seemed to have something more on their minds than robbery.

“There was four (lights) in a row, and they were going on and off. One would come on, then two, three and four — and they’d all be off for a second and come back on again.”

To briefly recount the famous incident, on the night of Oct. 4, 1967, something crashed into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Shag Harbour, a fishing village in Shelburne County, Nova Scotia. UFOs were seen that night by pilots and a ship captain as well as by people on the ground, and the one hitting the harbour was spotted and reported by five teens, including Laurie Wickens. The waters and nearby areas were searched but no object, earthly or extraterrestrial, was ever found.

Shag Harbour

“I don’t think it was somebody breaking in looking for money. There was some cash there. But they would have just taken the cash and left, they wouldn’t have destroyed the place.”

To briefly recount the vandalism, on the night of September 7, 2018, someone broke into the Shag Harbour UFO museum located on the harbour’s south shore and run by the Shag Harbour Incident Society. Many windows were smashed from the inside by throwing objects through them and a fire extinguisher was set off. The results of the vandalism – soda cans and mugs were also scattered on the floor – were discovered the next morning by Laurie Wickens, but no criminals were found.

Wait, what? Yes, it’s the same Laurie Wickens who made both of those statements. He’s now the president of the Shag Harbour UFO Incident Society and a volunteer at the museum, which contains (at least until the break-in) television documentaries, newspaper articles, incident memorabilia, an exhibit on outer space and a gift shop. It’s just a three-minute drive from the UFO Gazebo and picnic site where visitors can see the waters where the object allegedly crashed. The RCMP is investigating the crime and they are probably interested in why Laurie Wickens thinks the vandals had other motives besides just taking the money and running. Why destroy the insides and the windows and potentially damage information collected on one of the most famous UFO incidents ever?

This doesn’t sound like the work of Canadians. It doesn’t sound like the work of extraterrestrials either. Please don’t let them determine it was jealous Americans.


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